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  1. I just recently bought a new system and switched over from FSX to P3dV4.5. I used the PMDG 777 back in FSX and loved it, so I purchased the P3dV.4 edition in hopes I could continue using it. Unfortunately, about 45 seconds after I load a flight with the 777, P3d crashes to my desktop with no error message. I've re-installed P3d and the PMDG 777 multiple times and the problem has not resolved. Additionally, this only seems to happen with the PMDG 777. Specs are well within PMDG's recommendations, the software is up-to-date, and the licence keys were accepted (LR/ER version). The only additional addons that I have are Immersion, AS 2016, GSX Level 2, and some scenery from FSDT. If anyone has any hints or suggestions on how to fix this, I'd be all ears!
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