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  1. I had X Plane 11 before FS 2020 & used the ATC to navigate my flights...is this VFR (VOR to VOR)? I want to do the same in FS 2020 but I'm not getting any heading / altitude guidance. I've created a flight plan...is there something else I need to do once in the cockpit? Also when I'm airborne in a 747 or 320 the plane banks all over the place but it's fine when I'm in a Cessna. I'm using a Logitech Yoke.
  2. I've deleted the control settings in the XPUIPC.ini file - see below XPUIPC Version ini file [XPUIPC SETTINGS] Tune value = 00 Server Address = XPUIPC2XPUIPC Client mode = No But when I start a new flight these appear in the .ini file XPUIPC Version ini file [XPUIPC SETTINGS] Tune value = 00 Server Address = XPUIPC2XPUIPC Client mode = No [XPUIPC AXIS SETTINGS] Invert Elevator Axis = No Invert Aileron Axis = No Invert Rudder Axis = No Combine Rudder Axis = Not assigned Combine Aileron Axis = Not assigned Combine Elevator Axis = Not assigned Combine Tiller Axis = Not assigned Combine Left Toebrake Axis = Not assigned Combine Right Toebrake Axis = Not assigned [PUSHBACK SETTINGS] MaxSpeed = -1.5 MaxTurnSpeed = 0.15 [OTHER SETTINGS] ToeBrakeNullZonePercent = 0.05
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Is that menu in X Plane?
  4. I downloaded XPUIPC to connect X Plane 11 with A Pilot's Life. However there seems to be some files (see attached) which are altering my Saitek Yoke controls. 2 examples are I'm unable to steer on the ground with the Yoke & the pitch trim up button pauses the flight. Anyone else have this issue or can someone spot something in the files which are adjusting my controls. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the above...I'll try on my next flight
  6. These both really helped thanks...made a couple of decent approaches & landings. Still not too happy with the plane nose pitching up when the Yoke is centralised but it's manageable. I need to learn about ATC, navigation, auto pilot & flight plans but any recommendations as to where to progress from this mission?
  7. I'm using the Saitek Yoke which I've calibrated however I have noticed that I'm constantly pitching & pulling to try & keep level flight. I'll try re-calibrating & increase speed on approach on my next attempt. Thanks for advice.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think you're right with the lack of power. The tutorial says to reduce speed to 130knots (too low?) but I seem to be trying to compensate by lifting the nose.
  9. I've just started getting into FSX. I'm doing the Transitioning to Jets tutorial. When I'm on my final approach my nose is up & I can't see the runway which means I'm playing a guessing game trying to land. Any advice would be great.
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