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  1. Bump! Any help especially regarding the GA flights to small airports please?
  2. Thank you Alex! I'm simply uninstalling to transfer it to a dedicated XP drive, I assume it is safe to leave the two /users/ location alone as it will be the same ones used once I reinstall in the new drive?
  3. I can't seem to find a way to safely and completely uninstall LNM, is there a way to do this? Or is it simply deleting the LNM folder? Thanks!
  4. I've heard of it but not really looked into it
  5. Is there any traffic program that would cater more to GA flights then? I see both WT3 and TG mention some sort of GA implementation but I've yet to find a YT video that shows this in detail.
  6. Does that include in the ground or just in the air? I do like the idea of more aircraft moving on the ground and having to wait to cross runway or not being cleared for departure all the time does add to the immersion; however, the radios are then eerily quiet and having "fake chatter" just doesn't match up. It's like watching a video where the sound doesn't match the actor's mouth movements. What do you mean "will do it"? Will drive right through you? So it just gives way at intersections or if you come at it at an angle? I guess if P2ATC isn't aware of ground traffic, it might give me taxi directions that go against the flow? I have heard of these issues and is the main reason I'm looking at TG instead of WT3. The only thing that's keeping me from pulling the trigger really is the GA implementation. I do not fly airlines and rarely fly into big airports in the sim so GA aircraft and small airport operations are more important to me than perfect AI airline schedules or parking at the right gates. Everyone that has tried TG seems to have a very, very positive feedback regarding the product but I've yet to find a review that addresses GA implementation. Can you help me out with that? Also, since you've moved on to TG over WT, I assume that P2A integration/co-existence in TG is the same as it is in WT or better? Thanks for that info! However, I am only interested in XP11 implementation as although I have FSX, I don't fly there very often and XP is my main sim.
  7. Thanks for that link, I'll give it a look! If you say programs co-exist together rather than are integrated, that still leaves the question which ones co-exist with each other better? It's quite disappointing to see that AI traffic will largely ignore you and taxi right through you but I guess that's normal as I have airport AI vehicles drive through my aircraft all the time. What I find more disappointing is that while you can "see" the aircraft, it seems like there is no way to "hear" the aircraft via ATC chatter.... I think default XP ATC talks to AI aircraft? Would it be possible for you to test out TG and synthetic GA by trying it out on some small airport, maybe a grass stirp somewhere? So far all videos I've found seem to be from major airports. I fly a lot of FS Economy so I'm usually flying into smaller airports. Thanks for your help!
  8. So P2A works with both TG and WT? I thought it was only one and didn't yet have integration with the other? How is GA AI flight integration in TG? It seems like more people prefer TG due to not having to generate flight plans but I can't find any info of any ability to set or control number of GA AI aircraft. I don't suppose you can "hear" AI traffic like default ATC talks to AI traffic? Does P2A handle calls to AI traffic as well? Like if there is an aircraft on final, does it "call" to P2A?
  9. Several minutes per flight? What if you do like an A-B, B-A flight, will it still need it for the return trip? How is P2A integration with WT and P2A integration with TG? It seems like these two are the best traffic programs so far but which one works best or is more integrated with P2A? Is this per-flight too or a one-time setup in the beginning? I don't quite understand what you're saying there.
  10. I'm starting my search now for a traffic mod and would like one that works with P2A. IIRC, World Traffic 3 was somewhat integrated but can someone expound on that? I got the impression the two programs weren't 100% in sync with each other. How about other programs like Traffic Global? It seems like a lot of people like that one and say it is superior to WT.
  11. So it starts from the gate, then looks for the nearest taxi point? Not nearest taxi line?
  12. Sorry, I'm a bit confused now. If the program uses both points and lines, why add points near each ramp area? I'm also not sure what you mean. Where would they not match? What taxi data is missing from AIRAC providers?
  13. Hi Dave! Thanks for that info. So far, I've noticed that for big airports, it is very confusing to follow P2A taxi instructions and I just "cheat" by following the P2A taxi route. I also noticed that sometimes the taxi route names do not match what I see in the Navigraph airport chart. However, this is using default P2A info and I've not tried importing airport taxiways yet. Just a clarification on your answer on #1 --- P2A looks for the taxi points when planning a route and does not really look at the taxi line between these taxi points?
  14. Trying to fix one of the airports I'm currently using as my main hub (LIRF) and I would like to clarify a few things: 1. Are more taxi points = better? Importing the airport and there are loads of green taxi pins, I wonder if cleaning it up a bit would help or make things more efficient? Some taxiways, especially those near gates, are just one long taxiway but have taxi pins at certain distances, does this help with taxiing to gates? Or would it be better to delete all unnecessary taxi pins? 2. After a Hold Short point, the next point should be the runway? What happens if this next point is also the end point of a runway? Or Hold Short points that do not connect to a runway but connect to another taxiway? The Charlie taxiway at LIRF has a Hold Short point as part of it passes under the approach path to runway 25. 3. I'm testing out taxi routes to runway 16L and 16C at LIRF and instead of bringing me to C - CD - Rwy 16C - D - DA to get to runway 16L, it takes me to C - CE - Rwy 16C - DE - Rwy 16L - DC - D - DA to get to runway 16L. Is there any way to make certain taxi routes one-way only? There are "no entry" signs on certain taxiways to mark this. 4. Is there an undo button? 5. Is there a way to display all taxiway names? 6. Is there a list of best practices for when editing/fixing airport taxiways? Thanks!
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