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  1. Yes, the files were in the correct folder and it did not work. After the re-install, the same files in the same folder worked.
  2. I followed the instructions as per the manual, no go. I looked at other suggestions, still didn't work. Re-installed the whole thing (smoother this time and no license issues, must've been a corrupted installer), followed the instructions as per the manual, worked the first time. As Homer Simpson would say -- D'oh!!
  3. Thanks Dave. I thought once in the Chicago area, that was it until I exited the area.
  4. From Navigraph, it seems like the answer is "no" but I can use LittleNav Map so that's fine. However, the Import button does not show up. It seems like this is a common problem and I've read many threads and the solution seems to be different all the time. I have the C:\ProgramData\Garmin\Trainers\Databases\FPLN folder set up. This folder only contains the KSLE_KSLE.gfp and user.wpt files. I start up XP, load up the GTN 750, go to Flight Plan, Menu, Catalog, Menu, and there is not Import button, just Delete All and Delete Pending.
  5. Is there any way to import a flight plan from SimBrief or Navigraph? Thanks!
  6. Are there really this many "Centers" in real life? I crossed Lake Michigan last night and I probably got transferred to 4-5 or maybe even more Centers just from one side of the lake to the other!
  7. It didn't find it the two previous times I tried but I did it again now and the Data Manager found it. Thanks!
  8. Does P2A use AIRAC data in any way? Just updated my data and the Navigraph Data Manager did not find P2A. Thanks!
  9. I put as little as possible on my C drive so that in case of corruption, my essential files are elsewhere. I also wipe my OS drive every year or so and having important data away from that drive means I can wipe with confidence. I've copied the files from the C:\RealityXP over to my backup drives but the data is still there (htm, lic, and key files).
  10. Sorry, I have no idea about this PF (x86) you are talking about. I've PM'd you my order details, thank you.
  11. I wonder if it's possible to use two GTN 750s at the same time and have them connected to each other? I'm not sure if "connect" is the correct term; back when I was starting out, there was a way to connect the Garmin 430 to the Garmin 530 in the default Cessna 172 so that one device was aware of the settings entered in the other. I have one GTN 750 set up with waypoints and stuff but when opening a 2nd GTN 750, it has no clue about the entered waypoints. Any help appreciated. Thanks!
  12. The install location is just about organizing my add-ons in a particular folder, not an issue of space. The message was the same, notifying me that my install is invalid. I can still use the GTN, just get that message everytime I start up. It auto-installs into that directory so I doubt fiddling with it will fix anything and might more likely break more stuff.
  13. Just purchased the 750/650 combo and installed it. I must say I found the purchase process to be really complicated but I got through it safely, I think. I run the rxpGTN-XPL-Setup.exe file, install the XP11 plugin only, install all the trainers (I didn't know which one to get, so I installed all of them), and installed the mod. Another issue -- I'm surprised that I can set where the Garmin trainers will be installed but I can't tell it to install RXP to a different folder? Is it possible to install it somewhere else instead of the default Program Files folder? Anyway, start up the sim, start up the GTN 750, and I'm immediately given this screen: I do have my proof of purchase .htm files, my .lic files, and my .key files but I don't know what's wrong and why the mod cannot seem to find these files? I think I can still use the GTN though, as I made it through to the map screen and managed to alter freq, but I also had a message about the license issue. After a reboot, the GTN 650 .exe file was also flagged for having a trojan.
  14. Bump! Any help especially regarding the GA flights to small airports please?
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