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  1. hi in the meantime Isearched again and foud a solution: B737 : laminar / B738 /autopilot / command A and AP disconnect. other Laminar aircrafts : If they use the default sim command it's "toggle servos". (servos on/off on my french version) so do not spend time unless you have another solution ! thanks for answer
  2. hello I have a new joystick Thrustmaster T16000 + throttle. I would like to assign buttons for autopilot engage/disengage and I am searching the corresponding line of command in the XPlane 11 joystick settings. I found for the B737 : laminar / B738 /autopilot / command A and AP disconnect. but for all other planes I do not find the correct command line, I searched all the lines of AP commands in navigation & radios / autopilot ,but I do not find something like AP Engage and disconnect. can somebody help ? thanks
  3. The beginners like me use the default aircraft before jumping To à more complicate plane like the Zibo Yes I confused NDB and ADF Have you been a beginner once? Your answer is not an answer because I still do not know what To do To find this ADF there seems To be no place To input the NDB frequency I thought the goal of these kind of forums is To help eachother Not To throw laughing at mockery with no added value Regards.
  4. Is there an NDB in the Laminar Boeing 737 ? I cannot find it . Thanks
  5. This is what I did but Got the engine failures after, which means that starting with engines running has an error in the default settings. This is why I am asking whatbarebthe correct settings.
  6. thanks for your answers since I am a beginner I would like to check the correct set up of fuel panel; after start up the engines should the correct positions be during take off and all the flight: transfer pump override: auto boost pump : on crossfeed : auto firewall shut off valve : open thanks for your answer.
  7. Thanks for your replies You mean on the fuel management panel at the left side of Aircraft the boost pump switch left and right must be turned on during all the flight ?
  8. I have a problem of loss of power with the King Air C90 ; I am climbing to 5000 ft all engine parameters in green, RPM at 2000 and suddenly I loose all power, Torque, turbine, fuel flow at 0, RPM at 2000, with the warning in red L FUEL FLOW. I have more than enough fuel. I tried to re do the flight, same event. In XP parameters all failures are desactivated. What is going wrong thanks for help.
  9. Hello When I select heading on the autopilot of the Boing 747, I do not see the heading bug on the EHSI and the compass rose remains blocked on 000 degree ? can somebody help? thanks
  10. PAWE

    flight planner

    Yes unrealistic but so easy when you spend hours to try to manage XP GPS or FMS ! And want to navigate some minutes ! Thanks for your reply
  11. PAWE

    flight planner

    thanks SIMBrief : you can prepare a flight plan and transfer it to XP FMS or GPS , is it correct? But there is no autopilot function in Simbrief? LittleNav Map : same questions? thanks
  12. Hello I am using FS X SE and XPlane 11.41 I am looking for flight planner ; in the past I was using FSNavigator for FS9, it has been replaced by FSTramp FSNavigator was a wonderful tool for flight planning (automatic or manual) and had the capability to fly the flight plan automatically like a FMS/GPS, VNAV LNAV, speed...autopilot until the landing if you wish. I believe fSTramp has the same capability, but it is expensive (recurrent fee per year). I have noticed that some other flight planner exist but I am unsure of their capabilities: FS Commander, LittleNavMap, Plan-G. If you use one or several of these flight planners, could you indicate me: -which one is performing this functions:fly the flight plan automatically like a FMS/GPS, VNAV LNAV, speed...autopilot until the landing if you wish. -which one is compatible with XPlane 11.41 thanks for your advises.
  13. Thanks, I think I understand this way 1 select the VOR frequency 2 I go to the navigation page where I should see this information at the bottom left Is this correct? Thanks
  14. I was talking about G430 or 530 which is on many aircrafts. The G1000 is on few planes.
  15. hello it is the default Laminar Cessna SkyHawk. There is no DME equipment in the cockpit. The only way to know the distance to a VOR should ve with the GPS, but I do not know how to do this. thanks
  16. heloI am new to XPlane, coming from FS9 and FSX.I am learning the use of GPS 430 and 530.When I select a frequency for VOR 1 or 2, I cannot find the distance to these VOR when I fly and navigate. There is no DME in this aircraft ? Can I find this distance in the GPS? Is the DME integrated in the GPS ? How to proceed?thanks for help.Also more generally where can I find good tutorials to navigate in XPlane? The PDF files included for these GPS and FMS are not enough for me, I would need real examples to learn.thanks for help.
  17. PAWE


    Yes I have some answer, but seems complicated.
  18. PAWE


    thanks I am sorry to disturb you again but you have a lot of knowledge to help me starting to FS X -SE versus FS9 I was using in the past. I have tried to search everywhere in this internet site or in the FSX-SE Learning center and help, but still have lots of problems. I have problems with keyboard assignments, some of them described in the help of Learning center . for example, view zoom in press= is ok, but zoom out press - does not work. in the settings controll the assignment is different : chase distance increase CTRL+=, decrease CTRL+ (nothing!), none of these 2 assignments work. So I am lost! Is there specific assignments for Azerty keyboard? in the keyboard shortcuts assignement is there a difference between qwerty and azerty keyboards? As a french I have an Azerty? I have noticed that many other keyboards assignement do not work ! release parking brake should be : . does not work. thanks for your help
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    Thanks this should be the answer.
  20. PAWE


    thanks for your reply. does anybody know how to solve my problem of pan view in 2D cockpit FSX-SE ? thanks.
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