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  1. I miss the Traffic of small single-engine aircraft on small VFR flying clubs. I often miss the windsock in VFR to see the direction of the wind before landing on an uncontrolled aerodrome
  2. Je suis allé discuter sur le forum A2A. Mon problème est résolu. Le grand patron m'a expliqué que je devais réduire les performances du FS2020 car mon ordinateur n'est pas assez puissant. En effet la comanche fonctionne bien maintenant. Je voulais le signaler à ceux comme moi qui ont ce type de problème. ( Retour )
  3. THANKS . I just successfully registered
  4. In the form of registration on the forum: They ask this question: Name a device commonly used by a pilot to control an aircraft.: This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots. What does it mean ? ( I do not speak English well . I can only speak the "google translate" language. )
  5. All the planes work very well. I bought planes on the FS 2020 market place they work perfectly
  6. this is the first time I have bought an aircraft outside the FS2020 Marketplace
  7. Following ... After a night's sleep, I checked this morning if the problem had evolved. I tested on the ground no change. Then I had the idea of going straight into the air at 7000 feet...plane frozen, no lift, propeller stopped, falling like a stone, no glide, no lift. I decided to hit a big blow and uninstall the plane then to reinstall it properly by indicating installation under administrator account. Nothing to do I find the identical plane... really identical because it had kept the parameters that I had entered. He remembered my problems. I think I'm at an impasse
  8. Yes I can click the brake on the tablet. I just noticed that when I use the pull bar to move the plane on the parking lot, there too the plane is blocked. I think there is a compatibility issue with my Saitek hardware
  9. It's done, but nothing works. I also checked the adjustment box to switch to the "classic" parking brake (without pressing the pedals) but nothing worked. Thank you for your participation
  10. Freins Comanche Bonded brakes Bonjour, j'ai écouté vos conseils et j'ai acheté le Comanche A2A. J'ai un gros problème l'avion est collé au sol, impossible de le faire avancer. Je confirme avoir retiré toutes les ficelles (cordes) attachées au sol. Je confirme que j'ai inversé le sens du freinage dans les commandes de frein... mais rien n'y fait ?! Suis-je le seul ? J'ai fait une recherche et j'ai trouvé que ce problème existait déjà pour FSX... J'utilise comme commandes de vol le : Flight Yok System , et les Saitek pro Flight Rudder Pedals. Aide-Merci
  11. I'm not talking about engine realism or mechanical aging, I'm asking for flight fidelity. Reaction of the plane to the stick, reaction turbulence, reaction to the rounding of the landing. If you tell me it's the Comanche, I don't have that plane because it's not in the FS2020 Market Place. And I don't know how to install a third-party aircraft. forgive my ignorance
  12. Good morning, What do you think is the most faithful single-engine aircraft to real piloting. The one who reacts the same as in real life. THANKS
  13. Do you think we will soon find the Comanche for sale on the FS 2020 Market ?
  14. Good morning . I need help please. Can you give me the link to install the updates, driver for this product: Logitech Saitek, Autopilot controller. Thanks in advance
  15. Hello I want to thank you because you gave me the solution to my problem thank you very much
  16. Hello. I am new to A320. How do I get the arrow when using my mouse on autopilot Why on the autopilot controls do I always have one hand to operate the buttons. (Which prevents me from decreasing or increasing speed etc...) Normally I should have an arrow. Thank you for your help 🙏
  17. Bonjour, Que fais-tu du Concorde ? N'oubliez pas le Concorde pour la France https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concorde_(avion)
  18. Do not forget that you have to control the Signals Area just next to the windsock. In VFR (with old airplanes) the risk of radio failure is part of the failure hypothesis
  19. We all know that in real VFR life that it is imperative, even essential, to make a vertical terrain 500 pf minimum above the runway turn on an uncontrolled airport. The main reason is to control the direction of the windsock. A high wind does not necessarily have the same direction on the ground on the runway. In an airplane simulator, this requirement must be consistent with reality for the proper training of young pilots.
  20. Please Mister ASOBO, I am mainly a VFR pilot, can you install bigger "Windsocks"
  21. Pour moi vous êtes un dieu . J'ai retrouvé FS 2020 To me you are a god. I found FS 2020
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