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  1. Sweet! Perfect, no, that way they have an incentive to learn some English 😄 They have been living in US for years now, and cant get P2A to recognize "Alpha Mike Three one, ready to copy" 😄 We´ll get there. Thanks for your time!
  2. Thank you so much Dave for the quick response. You said there is an option IN P2A to disable ATIS..... what if it deactivates the one that gives me accurate info 😄? i even think, using that option didnt change anything and i would still hear 2 ATIS´s.... what i did was, get a short LUA script that supposedly disables xplanes ATIS, but i havent been able to try it yet ! And yes, the SID thing... that how i do it, i will even use the "force runway" options sometimes, as the program will for some reason change back to the "recommended runway". Thanks again ...... it is unfortunate that things are like this, but hey, there are work arounds, and for ME, its absolutely worth it, like i mentioned, this has changed my simming experience drastically. Dont mind IVAO or VASTIM, they are cool and whatnot, but in my opinion this is hands down the best "OFFLINE ATC" solution there is right now. on a different note, i have two simming buddies that also bought P2A because of my constant talking and praising about it 😄 However, they do not speak English as their first language...... or second language for that matter haha, but is it possible to use "English" but with a HEAVY foreign accent ? 😄 or , is it even possible to make P2A work in Spanish ? Thanks again !!!
  3. Hello everyone! So i fly xplane11 non beta, and i have been using Pilot2ATC which has drastically changed my sim experience. Im absolutely in love with this program. but i digress.... so im having a small problem. While planning my flight, i use a mix of "simbrief" and Pilot2ATC. simbrief i use for the briefing page, and the actual plan i create with pilot2atc my problem is Im never really sure which runways are the ones in use...... Simbrief gives me random dep and arri runways PILOT2ATC gives me (at the airport INFO button) certain runways.... if i then connect the airplanes radio to ATIS... i hear 2 ATIS infos. Both give me different information..... The way i know which runways are in use in the end, is because "traffic global" aircraft are all taxing or landing at the in use runways ONE of the the two ATIS infos gives me correct arr and dep runways, that the AI aircraft are using, however does NOT coincide with the "info button" info. I am using the latest AIRAC, .... installed manually in xplane11 and pilot2atc as you can see its rather a complicated pickle..... basically , what id like to know, is there a way to be certain about the DEP and ARRI runways? Cause, the way i do it now is, i spawn at the ARRIVAL airport first to SEE which runways are in use, THEN i spawn the the departure airport. Thanks in advance
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