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  1. How can Microsoft neglect to include stuff that is already in the FAA obstacle database? Their precise heights and lighting information are already available for free. That's shocking to me.
  2. I noticed that the tall antenna farm in Dayton, OH is entirely missing in MSFS. It is over 1000' high, and is the single most flight hazard in this area. Anyone else missing towers?
  3. I finally figured out why FS2020 had an odd feel to it when taking off and landing. The panel has a 2D-ish feel to it, even though the world outside looks 3D. The panel feel like it is pointed in a different direction than the aircraft. Not sure if I like the feel of it. They seem to have put a lot of work into the world, but not much into the airplane.
  4. I am brand new to FS2020, but how could I have come upon a bug already? This is the Cessna 172, sitting at the end of the runway. I apply full power and release brakes. Nothing happens. Airplane doesn't move. But the airspeed needle slowly rises up to 100 knots as if the airplane is flying. If I apply the parking brakes, the airspeed drops back to zero. But the airplane has not moved a single inch all this time. I would attach a screenshot, but it doesn't seem this forum allows it. What could be happening here?
  5. Using the Cessna 172, during takeoff, it feels like the airplane's nose is pointing more and more to the right as the speed increases even though the airplane is rolling straight ahead. It feels like the airplane is slipping sideways. My temptation is to apply left rudder, which is the opposite of what I should do. The inclinometer shows the ball centered. I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this.
  6. I don't think it should matter that it is in Xplane, because the GNS430 is the same Garmin model regardless of which simulation software. In any case, I am exporting it using RXP's recommended method. Go to Flight Plan catalog (FPL menu #2), select the flight plan you want to export, hit the Menu button, scroll down to "Export Flightplan?" and then hit Enter. It saves the file in C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GNS Trainer Data\GNS\FPL with the extension fpl.
  7. This is the RXP GNS430W on Xplane11. Example is as follows. In the flight plan I have KDAY-PLUMM-KCMH->Approach RNAV 10R. I can fly this route and everything goes fine. The problem is when I export that flight plan. The export goes fine. I can see all the airports and fixes in the exported file, but there nothing about the approach. If I import that file back into the GPS, everything is there but no approach. I would attach the file and screenshot, but I don't think I have that option on this forum.
  8. I have a flight plan in the catalog which includes a bunch of airports, waypoints and an approach. When I export this, the resulting file contains all of the enroute waypoints but none from the approach. Is this a feature or a bug?
  9. I know there is a example file LFATLFRG.fpl, but that is for a different country (not US), and I am having a hard time creating one for U.S airports. When I try to import it, it complains about waypoint errors. Also, I am not sure why the example file contains lat/lon for the waypoints. If these are already in the database, why are they also specified in the file? Can someone share a simple flightplan file for the US? Thanks.
  10. OK, thanks. That's simple enough, and could have been said right away. There was no need to send me a wild goose chase combing through dozens of posts.
  11. Oh, BTW, my posts won't get posted until the moderator approves it. It is not the best way to communicate with a customer.
  12. I tried searching that phrase, and came up with many hits but none of them were specific to a GNS trainer not powering on. I found one thread about a GTN that stopped working, but there were many people chiming in with opinions, but no resolution as far as I can see. Besides, the forum will not allow me to run searches consecutively without having to wait for some time between searches. Back to the original question, this is not a complicated question. This being expected behavior seems rather strange. How can something not turning on be expected behavior? What is the resolution, or is there no resolution? If you can answer that question briefly here (I am your customer), it might benefit others too.
  13. I just bought the Reality XP GNS 530W/430W V2, and installed it. I am hoping I didn't waste money. I haven't tried it on Xplane yet, but I wanted to see their newer version of the GNS Trainer. But I am unable to power-on the unit. Press and hold the Power/Com knob does nothing. I checked the old version of GNS trainer (which I have used for many years) and that turns on fine. Also, why is there no support email for RXP? The support link directs me to this forum instead.
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