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  1. OK, I will wate for v2, and try again. Thank you for your Kind Reply! 🙂
  2. I redownloaded your product some times, and work correctly. But, I have two problems about towing. First, when we are towing, can we make route manually? Second, when towing PMDG777, 777 sudunly got Forward and crashed into towing car, and jumped. It may have brake problem. I think that you make program that brake is made by airplane`s brake. When Speed was over my setting, 777 set brake. But 777`s brake is too strong, so towing car pull more strong. After that, when brake released, aircraft run high Speed, sometime it was 120. Then crashed towing car and jumped. It was happened both the Option "PMDG747/777 Controll method:brake" sets on and off. How to solve this Problem? If you need some file like log file to solve this file please tell me.
  3. I bought your product UGCX, and download on my PC. I use P3D on sub acount on my computer, due to my administrator account include 2bit letter. Some downloader downloads components on adiministrator account`s appdate and text folder. That was same when UGCX downloaded. So I moved data which is downloaded incorrectly position. My P3D recognized your product as add-on, but when start P3D, text command does not appear. Please give me advise! If there is something I should write on this page to make solution, please tell me.
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