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  1. After probably 3 solid hours of work, I've figured it out. I feel like I'd be doing a disservice to the flight sim community if I don't share.After contacting Carenado support I learned that the C208 has no Navigraph support and uses the stock sim nav data. I also learned that the nav data in P3D and FSX is hard coded into the scenery files and isn't readily accessible. I tried to use this software to update the p3d navaids but it didn't work. I ended up using fsAerodata , which worked but you need a paid subscription to fsAerodata and Navigraph. The subscription to fsAerodata was about $10USD for 3 cycles worth of updates. After running that software, the nav data is current, even thought the G1000 in the C208B still says it's not. Whatever I'm not sure if I want to jump for joy or smack my head off the desk.
  2. Thanks so much, this is exactly what I was looking for! I did some reading in old Cessna manuals that yurei suggested and read the same thing. However in the Carenado, the engine won't start without the ignition switch in the ON position. I guess just another problem with the aircraft. I suspect in the Carenado that this does nothing besides play a fuel pump sound because it doesn't seem to matter what position the switch is in at all. The engine will start perfectly fine with fuel boost off. As far as the rest, noted and thanks a lot. I get that I can get away with a lot in the sim but I'm interested in keeping the procedures true to life for streaming and I'd rather keep it like that anyways, else why would I be simming? Last night I flew a 1h30min flight for FSE, flew the best hand-flown approach I've ever flown and totally greased the landing in a bit of a crosswind. Seriously epic flight and then the sim crashed as I was exiting the runway. So of course I loaded the flight up again, set the G1000 DCT to my destination, didn't bother with ATC, firewalled the throttle the entire time, and ran the sim at X64 until I was directly over the airport when I nosedived from 10,000 ft, pretty sure I hit 300KIAS there for a minute. Greased it again and completed the same flight in about 5 mins 😄 So yes, the sim engine doesn't really care what you do to it unfortunately. I wish there were a more realistic C208 for P3D.
  3. I have a a bunch of questions about how to properly fly the C208B Caravan, specifically the Carenado for P3D v4. The included documentation is lacking. I get that this isn't a study level aircraft but I plan on streaming flights and I want to have all the procedures down. Thanks in advance if you can answer any of these! What do normal power settings look like? I've been using 1800 ft lbs and 1900 rpm for takeoff power, then once I hit about 1000agl I reduce prop speed to 1800 rpm, maintain 1800 ft lbs and hold airspeed to about 115KIAS, then for cruise I set about 1600-1700 ft lbs and 1700 rpm, usually cruising around 145KIAS. I understand all this varies based on temperature and runway length but is this roughly normal? What is the ignition switch for exactly? What is the difference between on and normal and when are both settings used? What is fuel boost and what is it used for? What is the difference between off, normal, and on? The checklist supplied with the aircraft files says to use ON for engine starting and never mentions it again, even though I've completed entire flights with the switch set to off. With the starter switch, start and off are obvious but what function does motor se? When is low and high idle used? I thought high idle was generally used when entering the runway and then back to low when exiting but I've seen youtube videos of real pilots using high idle right after engine start is complete. As far as autopilot, when I set the altitude first and then set either v/s or speed hold, it will stop the climb or descent at the set altitude but if I change the altitude during climb or descent, it totally disregards the new set altitude and either stops at the original set altitude or just continues the climb/descent past the set point. Is this an issue on Carenado's end or am I doing something wrong? If I set a new altitude the G1000 says ALTS in white letters. If I click on the altitude knob the ALTS goes away but either way it doesn't matter.
  4. I followed the normal Navigraph update procedure and it didn't work along with manual install for all Carenado products. I keep seeing this link get posted. https://carenado.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205355057-Updating-G1000-Navigation-Data One of the sites it links to apparently doesn't exist anymore and the other one is completely useless. This doesn't seem to be a widespread issue or it would be posted about more. Any help? Thanks in advance Rob
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