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  1. I purchased a program from this company months ago, somehow guess wasnt supposed to be able to at the time as the build was not complete... been in contact with the company for months now, MONTHS!!!!! I wanted the heli added to X plane 11... they asked how i was even able to purchase the program as the build was not yet complete... I obviously did not have this answer and answered with think thats a question for yall not me... I actually ended up purchasing 2 programs in total. This started back in 12/21/2019 and second order was 12/29/2019... so here is may of 2020 and finally get response and they did refund one of the orders... which i was good with, asked approx when was gona be released to make decision on refunding or let one of the ordered ride... here is the reply email I received... only written this as, as a customer this is craziness, and a business owner this is way outa line... Not able to attaché the actual email word for word this is there response after asking how long it would be before realease as this would determine if i was gona want a refund or be willing to ride it out... “Listen, I think that asking this now isnt fair at all! You have bought the product! Twice! I have refunded you one already but really am not going to convince you to keep the other one! If you don’t understand how good it is, then leave the simulators and get back to Super Mario. For sure I am not fixing you any eta! i was pretty astonishing that i got any kind of response like that from a company at all, very unprofessional and beyond rude... hope this is ok to post with moderator and admins if not please inform what did wrong as i do think very important for fellow simmers to be informed of who they give their hard earned money to... this was a bad deal from the start and just got worse
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