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  1. First thing's first: There's a lot of Delta VAs out there. You can't deny that fact. But when it comes to community, schedules, and our crew center, this Delta Virtual does it the best. My name is Jordan Easter and I'm the President of this wonderful airline. Don't let my position fool you, from day one when I joined as a little ol' line pilot I thought this VA was the best one I've ever joined. The crew center is modern and CONSTANTLY (and I seriously mean constantly) being updated by our CEO, Zac. He works hard to make sure this VA is running as smoothly and amazingly as possible. We have a modern flight tracker so you can see all your fellow pilots in the air, including what flight they're doing, where they're at, what phase, etc. On the side panel, you'll find neatly organized sections. In the flight search page, you can search specific routes, specific aircraft, specific airlines, anything your heart desires. Included there is a visual flight planner; click on any airport on the map and you'll get a neat little web showing all the routes flown out of that airport. Can't decide on a route? Hop on over to our pairing generator, insert point A, point B, departure date, and aircraft type, and get a list of pairings consisting of between two a four legs (you can even do round trips!). We have EIGHTY-THOUSAND schedules!! 80,000 (80,290 to be exact)! We have schedules from 27 different airlines (even Delta's competitors 🤫), without losing our focus on our Delta roots (and routes). Our tour center is packed with tours that take you across Delta' hubs, explores real-world Delta's first flights, and a vast majority of our tours start in Delta's headquarters of Atlanta, Georgia! 🍑 Also, we operate a Delta Private Jets division, just like real-world Delta. Hop into one of our sleek, modern business jets and fly any flight you want, or fly a route requested by our top business clients. We have a SkyMiles system that rewards you for events in your flight (but beware, it also comes with penalties for certain events!). Each month, the top ten to fifteen SkyMiles earners are entered into a raffle for prizes, which has included in the past, a free Drzewiecki Design scenery, SimMarket gift card, an iniBuilds livery of the pilots choice, and discounts on FS2Crew products. Our staff team is full of friendly, hand-picked people, interviewed and picked by our admin team. These staff members have been picked for being friendly and active, as well as being knowledgeable and talented. You'll get to know each and everyone one of us (even our CEO!) in our active Discord chat. Our Discord always has something to talk about, and you'll get to feel like family there! We don't use automated PIREP approval. You'll get to feel like a real human being in our VA, not just another number on our roster. Our Regional Managers leave personalized comments on your PIREPs. We look at more than just your landing rate! Remember: You're not just a number on a roster and a landing rate, you're a human being. While we constantly advertise VATSIM events, we also have our own Event Coordinator who plans our tours and group flights within the VA. We just added two new tours: Dangerous Airports - Americas and Dangerous Airports - Europe. Will you dare to test your hand at some of the hardest approaches around the world? We also have a long list of partners, included in there is VATSTAR. We've partnered with them to bring some of the newer people a training experience to get them on their feet. VATSTAR works with VATSIM to train pilots on their network and to help them get their pilot ranks on VATSIM. This will be useful in the future when VATSIM makes their rank switch in the near future. We have a dedicated Director of Pilot Training that is also a mentor with VATSTAR that can answer any questions you may have about their program and help get you started. We also have our own checklists for some of our more popular aircraft, with more being worked on. Speaking of aircraft, we have a ranking system that limits you to certain aircraft until you rank up. Work your way from Regional Pilot, flying our beautiful regional jets, all the way up to Corporate Pilot! All-in-all, I really, truly, believe that Delta Virtual is THE BEST VA I've flown for, and I think you will too. We have everything: A modern crew center, a wonderful community, schedules galore, events, a training center, organized Standard Operating Procedures, and friendly staff. What more could one want? Why don't you join us and let us know! https://www.flydva.org/
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