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  1. Hi, So you reinstalled the pmdg and the windshield effect worked well.
  2. Hi all, There's some weather issues I found in my p3d v5.1 HF1 with Activesky P3D v7668. First, there's no fog in night. Even the visibility is very low, I could get a clear wx in night. And there's no fog. Second, the snow is invisible. Third, I could not see the wet effect in windshield in pmdg 747 or 737. I have enabled windshield effect in p3d settings. Hopefully you could give me some suggestions.
  3. Hi, Which index did you adjust to light up cockpit in envshade?
  4. Hi all, My cockpit in p3d v5.1 HF1 is too dark. I have adjusted light settings in p3d but it was not really good. Is there any suggestions for it? Thank you.
  5. Hi, I just disable the light settings in Chaseplane.
  6. Hi all, Do you update Nvidia driver 460.89? How's the performance with P3DV5.1 HF1?
  7. Just want to confirm. Is P3D v5.1 HF1 stable with WIN10 20H2?
  8. Hi all, Problem solved. It is caused by an elevation problem of Flightbeam KDEN. And I have fixed it. You can check the Flightbeam forum for detail. http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3737#p21410
  9. Yes, I also post my problem in this thread. But I am not sure if it is mesh problem.
  10. Hi all, I found that when I taxi in KDEN the aircraft would suddenly tilt. It seemed that the aircraft would sink down at some points in the ground. The aircraft I used was PMDG 747-8F. Taxi route was from Gate A37 to RWY25. Then in runway 25 It happened again and could not take off. It Also happened in some taxi ways near RWY25. I did not test all runways and taxi ways but I think this could happen randomly at anywhere in Flightbeam KDEN. I have reinstalled KDEN but it didn't work. The p3d version I used was v5.1 HF1.
  11. Hi all, I have fixed the low fps in MFS2020. Thank you all for suggestions. I turned off FXAA and MFAA in Nvidia control panel. Now I could get about 40 fps cockpit and external with default ultra settings in Flightbeam KDEN with 747-8.
  12. Hi, Thank you for that. I even didn't notice it. I will fix it.
  13. Hi, I use 2k resolution 2560x1440. I think I should set 100% scaling and now it might be 200%.
  14. what does it mean "limited by main thread"?
  15. Here's a screen shot from MFS2020 ( Flightbeam KDEN) with ultra settings. CPU:i9-9900k RAM:32GB SSD 1T for MFS2020 ONLY ASUS RTX3090 TUF OC24GB https://ibb.co/D7tghWK
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