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  1. Yeah, I manually closed LINDA before I loaded into the sim. And somehow I still have v1 before 80 knots and acce alt callout right after lift off.
  2. I just did a flight with LINDA off, all callouts still happen at wrong time.
  3. I am using LINDA, but I''ve set the option using LINDA to ON.
  4. Hi, I am geeting random V1 and acceleration altitude callout in v5. I've set the speed and DA bug in PFD. The v1 usually comes below 80 knots and acceleration altitude is right after lift off. Is there anything I am missing? Thanks.
  5. Yes. I just saw a post from SODE support forum and the dev confirmed the conflict between SODE and P3DV5.1. It happens when SODE tries to removed its object and in my case, it coincides with time of climb flow. A workaround is also provided in the SODE forum for anyone who is interested.
  6. I updated today and had 3 CTD, all happened when passing 10000ft and FO starts his climb flow.
  7. Hi, It seems we are stuck with the QW SDK that if EICAS page is on FO side (I guess most of us does that to get a larger ND), the ECL will open on Lower Display replacing FO's CDU. Am I right? In this case, is it possible to add another option that FS2Crew press FO's CDU bottom on Lower Display after completing the checklist so that we don't have to do that manually every time? i.e We can choose FS2Crew to press FO's ND on his EFIS or CDU on his Lower Display depending on where we put the EICAS page. Thanks
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