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  1. Hello all, FYI for those wanting additional voices, Cereproc are offering a 50% discount on their site with code HOLIDAYSAREHERE21. They are pretty good quality I have to say.
  2. Many thanks Dave. It was the former (07FA). All’s fine as you say with the larger airports.
  3. hello folks, small issue which I'm struggling to resolve. I can connect no problem and P2ATC can hear me and vice versa but the aircraft is not showing on the map. Any ideas?.
  4. If you’re getting accurate live weather then you’re doing better than me. That and live traffic (I can see other players but real time traffic is sparse) don’t appear to be fully functional from what I can see unless I’m doing something wrong.
  5. I was having this exact same problem. I’d arm Nav on the AP but as soon as I engaged AP itself it plummets to the ground as you say. Thanks to someone responding to a post I made on here the “trick” is to engage AP first, then everything should work. It does for me at least.
  6. Not sure if this is how it supposed to work, a bug or Pilot error . I have set the required altitude, taken off and have armed Nav on the AP but not engaged AP. I trim to the vy speed and manually fly to intercept the GPS. Whilst still climbing I engage AP to capture Nav mode but all hell breaks loose and the aircraft nosedives, trimming all the way down. On the flip side if I don’t engage AP until I reach altitude then everything is OK. it may be that’s it’s all or nothing on the AP front but that’s not what I’m used to. Could someone enlighten me? FYI this is in Cessna 172 but it’s the same across the board.
  7. For the altitude bug there is an inner and outer dial. One moves it 1000 one moves it 100. I’m guessing the same for the heading bug as cwburnett says earlier in the thread.
  8. Hi all, sorry to not thank you for your comments, lockdown is rather hectic! I’ve finally solved the issue for me wherein the 3.5 Jack wasn’t working correctly. I’ve paired a set of Bluetooth headphones and this has got me round the problem. Glad to know your all sorted too.
  9. Hello all. Spent most of the day trying to sort out an issue where Pilot2ATC cant hear my voice. If I use the Language trainer standalone its fine but using the Grammar function within the programme it doesn't recognise nor does it recognise when I press the PTT. If I use the "SAYIT " function - that's not a problem. Windows Speech recognition is working fine and as far as I know the Microphone is set up to work with Pilot2ATC - but nothing happening. Hugely frustrating so any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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