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  1. Many thanks for the 'welcome back'. I have to follow my hobby in my garage/workshop so it's not really a winter hobby! Many thanks to Alex for his very comprehensive and helpful reply. I will go back to reading those bits of the manual I have obviously not read properly. Bye for now, Peter
  2. I use FSX Steam Edition, and have just come back to the hobby after a gap of a year or two. I don't have any payware aircraft (though I do spend money on scenery!) so use the freeware aircraft available as well as the stock ones, so no real FMS! Yesterday I was able to put together a flight plan using Little Nav Map, and the aircraft flew the SID and onward flight without any problem - I saved the plan in .pln format. Today I tried to use the same flight plan and all the intermediate fixes in the flight plan (for instance in the SID) have disappeared in FSX (but not in Little Nav Map of course). Clearly I am doing something wrong! A quick 2nd question - I run the server on the FSX computer and Little Nav Map on another PC and am able to get the two to communicate nicely. Is there some way to start the server every time Windows loads? Loving Little Nav Map, lots to learn yet but a big thank-you for helping the flight sim community! Peter Allison, UK PS I have had a Navigraph subscription in the past but don't have one at the moment.
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