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  1. I do not disagree! I felt the exact same way as Highflyer48 regarding these exact same points. Everything they said in the first post were my thoughts exactly, and I am an advanced computer user.. I grew up online on a computer basically.. (maybe just lacking some sleep tonight).. I even looked at the GDE site and tried to figure it out from their site - keep in mind I have been reading SO much documentation these last few 24 hours regarding Flight Sim add-ons and VATSIM training manuals.. I could just be burned out.. - but when I couldn't figure out how to implement the data I choose to ignore it rather than pursue you with support requests over something (I felt - right now as a FS/VATSIM newb) as trival. Imagine my glee when I come across the answer from a post posted so recently to my confusions! I agree with the revisions they suggested in their follow-up post, too. And kudos to them for handling the dev's initial response so very well and classy... 💟
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