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  1. I still have no idea what to do here. I guess I'll just get the app and when I'm done with the build, I'll just "move" my programs to the new SSD. Beats me.
  2. I currently use Windows 7. I'm upgrading my entire system to get ready for FSX 2020 and because MS has stopped supporting Windows 7, so a lot of stuff I use will be effected going forward, including my tax software for next year. I'm building a new computer and using a lot of newer parts from my old computer, including my HDD c drive and b drive (which house all my programs like FSX). So this is what I'm doing and what I'm concerned about. New case, mobo, chip, memory, and m2 ssd hard drive to boot from on a new fresh Windows 10 that I have put on a thumb drive for the build. My old computer has Windows 7 with a C and B HDD drives. FSX is installed on C drive with extras on my B drive (windows 7). *** I think if I build the new computer and add my old B and C drives, none of those programs will work, plus the operating system will be Windows 10 from my New SSD m2 drive. Questions: 1. Will simply renaming my boot drive to say "A drive" and leaving my old B and C drives labeled that way give me any advantage on getting FSX, etc programs installed on my old C drive to work, such as in the Windows 10 control panel? 2. If not, is there an app to solve this problem so I don't have to lose all my settings and everything on reinstalling all my existing c drive programs? 3. Is there a way to handle this upgrade without losing anymore of the hair off my bald head, when I start pulling it out during the build? 🙂 Any advice would be very much appreciated! I'm getting ready for FSX 2020! Anyone ever use EaseUS for this? It's a transfer program.
  3. Hidden Autopilot on the C150 trainer? Who would have thought... Anyway, this issue only happened once with 10% flaps on take off. I usually fly mountains, so when this happened at zero elevation Los Angeles, I thought maybe that was some kind of software issue or I was too heavy on the throttle. I restarted the free flight and went to Van Nuys with the motor running again. I held short at runway 30 (if memory serves me right) and asked for VFR clearance. The ATC asked me to hold short for a plane landing. Ok. The plane lands and disappears. I wait and wait and wait, flaps up this time. No ATC. After a long long time, I just taxi onto the runway. When I got ready to take off, the ATC says I'm clear for take off. Clearly a glitch. I take off with zero flaps and everything goes fine. I noticed my elevator trim from my yoke barely moves in the plane, so another glitch...probably yoke control in my CH setup software. That's another suspect for me...the yoke control might have an issue and it's not the plane at all....even though this doesn't happen with other planes. Yesterday, I was flying my TBM 850 from Lompoc AFB. I did a loop, got back in the pattern, asked for landing clearance and got it. I began descending, but damned if that plane wants to fly. I was trying to trim the nose down, but the plane didn't want to do it, so I pushed my yoke hard all the way down. Almost idle, prop full and not full to see how it reacts, mixture full, gear down and two levels of flaps. I can't find the checklists, so I just flew it by feel and air speed. Perfect landing, but a bit short wheels touching down on the runway. Otherwise a perfect landing, but the plane has hard to cooperate on nose down and it was like I had zero trim. This is why I think maybe I have a yoke program issue.
  4. When it looped up uncontrollably and stalled, with no forward yoke control, I was taking off from Van Nuys airport.
  5. Having a lot of fun flying the plane. I've noticed some glitching, but that might be my limited memory system here. If I take off with 10% flaps, full power, full mixture, rotate at 65, the plane will loop out and stall no matter how hard I push the yoke. I assume it's the elevation of the airport, but who knows. I'm also having problems starting the motor up on dark and cold setup. Occasionally, I get the transparent plane problem. In any case, the plane is a blast to fly. I'd like to check out some STOL planes to fly, or some other more rare planes like say the Pipistrel Alpha or Kitfox, etc. Earlier this week I again looked into getting my private pilot license and hit the brick wall of cost of doing it. My wife says I'll just have to keep flying in my dreams. I took helicopter lessons in 1988 in a Hughes 300, but the costs were just too high, even back then. I tried the Army, but there was no way unless I had a 4 year degree which would have cost even more than just the private lessons. I was 19 years old. The only option was working with aircraft in some enlisted non-flyer role. In the 90's I worked at the local airport, had pilot clients who flew me to jobs and one who offered to be my CFI, but again...costs. Now that I'm 50 years old, it's looking like I'll never get there. At least I have the sim. I'll look at some of the modern/vintage planes you mentioned, Bill. I'd love it if these companies had more into ultra lights and experimentals, like the Kitfox, Rans Coyote, CGS Hawk, Aerolite 103, Arrow 450 (do they have this one?), etc.
  6. Update: The plane is awesome! I love the way it handles, sounds, looks, etc. They did a great job on this design. Wish the different liveries had different interiors too and avionics, but I'm happy with the plane for sure. I would recommend to a friend. Thanks everyone and hope this helps someone down the road.
  7. Success! All I did was go into Windows Updates and click to update everything on the list. I did Not have to make IE my default browser, no changes to my anti-virus, etc etc. Just the Windows update and restart. Now to see if the plane works in FSX! Thanks for the responses. I hope this thread will help someone else having the problem in the future.
  8. Thanks admin. So, I basically tried everything yesterday. In fact, I tried and tried all day long to no avail....from default browsers, anti-virus, safe mode, etc etc because the only email back from just flight yesterday was about default browsers and anti-virus. I couldn't believe seeing those script errors pop up when I tried install in safe mode. That's when I knew this was a weird problem. This morning, they sent me an email, so I guess it's one a day for them. For me, it's another day lost. In today's email, a guy named Simon (says) I need to make sure my version of IE is 11. I don't use that program and clogging up my computer with massive updates of a program I don't use, just to activate THEIR key is a super huge annoyance. SMH I will try to upgrade the dumb browser, switch default and try activation one more time.
  9. How do I edit the title and comment so there's no confusion. uggh. apologies.
  10. Just Flight. Sorry. I was juggling stuff on my screen when I posted. Just Flight Cessna C152
  11. Hey all, I just signed up after finding this forum doing research to figure out why I cannot get my latest plane to activate with my key. I've never had a problem buying planes and activating them on my computer to fly them in FSX, until last night with First Flight C152. When I get to the "activate product" part of the installation, I get script errors relating back to firstflight dot com. Whether I click 'yes' or 'no' to allowing them to run, the result is always the same. I paste the product key into the window and hit 'activate", but nothing happens. I've contacted support, but they say something about making my default browser IE, which I won't do. I use Firefox and a developer's version of Windows 7 with FSX Gold completely updated and filled with aftermarket planes that I've bought over the years. Until this software, I have never had an issue activating planes or using any of them in the program. None of my settings, anti-virus, or browser have changed over those years, so this is a first. One of the script errors (out of three): Line: 0 Char. 0 Error: Script error Code: 0 URL: (broken up to prevent a link) h t t p s: // content. justflight. com /el-polyfill / (etc etc). Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? yes no. (I can choose either with same failure in the end). So I've contacted first flight tech support and the vendor. First flight responded with some things to try, but so far nothing works. I've asked them to provide me a direct link to an activated version of the software so I can just skip this nightmare and fly. I provided them with my key and invoice proving I paid for the software, but that message hasn't been answered by them yet. Any help would be appreciated.
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