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  1. Thank you... yeah I was told from multiple sources LNM doesn't really do this... now I just plan out the trip, and then save each leg as a separate file. Thank you! Great program!
  2. Hey folks... I am doing a long 2500nm trip for my FSEconomy group. I just figured out how to add waypoints between the two airports (DAOR to HHAS). I love how you can look at the map and then just drag the flight line to each airport along the way. However, at the bottom of the LNM window, it shows the flight as one continuous journey: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vTPMWuGaw7lAIFgpXcglGm5csXmMHM9a/view?usp=sharing I think anyway? So what I want to do is tell Little Navmap "each airport on the journey is a landing." Is there any way to do this? Or will LNM not care if that's how I fly the route? Sorry for the newbie questions, I appreciate any guidance in this matter. Thanks!
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