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  1. Solved... in Active Sky i set this metar 1 hour ago of the actual metar... after this, i returned for live wheather and active sky has downloaded the correct metar... i don't know why of this problem... but is solved HAHAHAHA sorry for my bad english again
  2. hello good night (on Brazil) i have a problem with metar (all world metar are wrong) on Active Sky Next SE yes i use FSX-SE the metar on Active Sky on SBSG (example of São Gonçalo Airport located on Rio Grande do Norte State/Brazil) SBSG 230533Z 18015KT 9999 SCT025 24/21 Q1012 and report in real time on the station METAR: SBSG 230500Z 24003KT 200V280 9999 FEW018 22/21 Q1012 another example of SBGR (Guarulhos Intl. Airport located on São Paulo State/Brazil) real: METAR: SBGR 230500Z 00000KT CAVOK 12/11 Q1021 (wind calm) and active sky: SBGR 230533Z 06005KT CAVOK 17/12 Q1021 i'm new in Avsim and my english is not good 😉 Note: All the airports with wrong metar... are the servers under maintenance or not? this is my question, during the day it's work fine. Or are the stations reporting incorrectly because of Covid-19? i dont't understand hahahahha if you can clear this doubt I am grateful I would not like to spend money for nothing
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