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  1. I got this today too -- at first I thought something changed locally, but I still got this after I disabled my FW and AV settings. Perhaps it's happening on the OpenStreetMaps end?
  2. Hi - I've noticed recently that ATC instructs a turn direction opposite to the departure heading turn direction. E.g., if my flight plan calls for a departure to the right, ATC instructs a left turn instead. The heading is correct, but following the ATC's instruction always results in a circling departure. which seems unusual. Is this by design, or is it a bug?
  3. No worries - I'll give that a try. BTW, before commenting I tried the other devices too (mouse button, keyboard hotkey), but they didn't work either. I did notice, however, that the Copilot box would become unticked when I set the PTT device & button -- I noticed it after the CP no longer answered the ATC,,, Thank you! -c
  4. I've tried a number of combinations, but still no go. To simplify things, p2a was the ^only^ app running during config. Here's the very last thing I tried: Close all apps, including xp11 Close p2a Start p2a Click 'Config' Select the Speech tab Tick 'Enable' in the PTT Joystick section Click 'Set' Select 'CH Flight Sim Yoke USB' in the drop-down box Pressed the desired button on the yoke (lower-left red button) '9' automatically populates the Button Number box Click Save The PTT Joystick section looks as I would expect (Enabled, PTT Joystick = 'CH Flight Sim Yoke', Button number = '9' Click 'Config' to close Click 'Config' & 'Speech' again to verify Close config Exit p2a Start p2a Click 'Config' & 'Speech' The PTT Joystick section no longer is correct (no PTT Joystick selection, Button Number = 'Disabled'); however, 'Enable' was still ticked Note: If I exit p2a again & go back to the Speech tab, 'Enable' is no longer ticked I am running p2a with Admin rights, FYI. Any thoughts? -c
  5. Hi -- I'm not sure this is a bug, but it feels like one. Every time I depart, ATC instructs a turn opposite to the planned departure (i.e., left to heading when it should be right to heading, and vice-versa). Is that intended? I'm using v.
  6. Hi Dave -- well, I'm having the same issue with v2.6.1.3. The assignment works, but PTT does not on the controller (CH Pro Yoke). I can use the PTT button in the app. Any suggestions?
  7. Hi Dave, Thank you for your quick response. After sending you my logs as requested, you quickly found the issue and had me download R2 beta5 and try the fix. Everything seems to be working perfectly now. Looking forward to the future release! 😊 Carlos
  8. Hi, I have Pilot2ATC 2.6 with XP11.41 and do not receive ATC handoffs after takeoff either. Flying KCHD -> KCGZ via BNYRN > TFD > ROXIE. The flight plan is auto-generated after I enter the KCHD and KCGZ airports, The plan is validated and filed. I receive proper instructions up to takeoff, then nothing. In order to get *any* response, I request ascent to TOD, which is 6000'. However, ATC instructs me to ascend to 7000, even with the BNYRD waypoint fast approaching (reference alt should be ~4000' to ~5000'). I should be ~3500 at the TFD VOR wpt, and on glideslope from that point on. No callouts are occurring, and if I report the field in sight, it tells me clear to land with me still at 7000'... I have to totally ignore ATC to perform a safe landing. KCGZ has ILS on 04, but no tower (everything is being coordinated via the KCHD tower, which seems strange). Flying the 172 Skyhawk. I have the flight plan, but can't find a way to attach it... Carlos
  9. Note: These instructions will work for XP10 installations too. Hi all -- to fix your 124thATC issue in XP11 (for Windows), download and install multiple 64-bit C++ redist DLLs, starting with the latest VC++ redist DLL (2015 & higher as of July 4, 2020), then install the VC++ 2010 redist DLL, the VC++ 2012 redist DLL, and the VC++ 2013 redist DLL. The order of installation is not important for the latter 3 DLLs. All the DLLs above can be accessed and downloaded directly from Microsoft, free of charge. URL: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads Important: Scroll down to find, access and download the 2010, 2012, and 2013 DLLs -- NO NEED to install Visual Studio or Visual Studio Service packs to fix this issue, only download the 64-bit redistributable libraries (DLLs). After the 64-bit libs have been installed (no need to reboot), make sure the 124thATC64 folder is copied in its entirety to X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins, then start XP11. XP11 may pause at "Will initialize plugins" for a minute or two (literally) while the 124thATC plugin is being processed. Summary: Install VC++ 2015 redist DLL, x64 VC++ 2013 redist DLL, x64 VC++ 2012 redist DLL, x64 VC++ 2010 redist DLL, x64 If not already installed, install the 124thATC plugin per the instuctions Start/restart XP11 (or XP10, if that's what your using) Enjoy! Best regards, Carlos
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