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  1. I've searched for weeks but I still can't find a TDS 737-800 non-winglet model for FSX with a virtual cockpit. Does anyone know if there is? Thanks Cgaming365
  2. I fixed the issue by copying the TDS 737-800 base package panel there and replacing it. Anyways thank you for responding.
  3. I've recently downloaded the great TDS 737-800 model for fsx and somehow the logo light in the tail is not there! Does anybody know what the problem is, or have a working model I can download? Thanks Cgaming
  4. I've been having this issue lately where the clouds in my new MFS2020 sim just dissapears and re-appears in milliseconds and does that over and over again!! It started right after an update. Can't remember which, but it was when the lights looked x-plane like and when a lot of people had to do a re-install. I have re-installed 5 times now to no use. It's from steam btw. It's so annoying and makes the game unplayable. Please! Is there anybody out there that can help me with this!?!?!? I've made a youtube video if you want to see it in action( or some pictures below) : -Cgaming365 MFS cloud problem by Cgaming365, on Flickr MFS cloud problem by Cgaming365, on Flickr MFS cloud problem by Cgaming365, on Flickr
  5. I just fixed the problem. I had an addon called SODE that wasn't configured correctly and made those weird shadows. I uninstalled the program and the shadows dissapeared. Thank you for trying to help. -C
  6. Recently the BIKF airport in my FSXSE has been displaying some weird shadows next to the runways! (See pictures) I've tried to activate/reactivate sceneries many times but to no use. Please help I love flying to iceland! BIKF problem 1 by casperhaugland, on Flickr BIKF problem 2 by casperhaugland, on Flickr Bikf Problem 3 by casperhaugland, on Flickr
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