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  1. Hi I have latest versions of GTN 750 which i recently purchases from Reality XP, and GNS 530. I have the real sim gear physical device for both as well. I notice when i start up the 530 switches dont seem to work, then i notice they are controlling the 750, Only way to fix if each time i start x-plan is use Plugins menu to stop , and re-start the 530. then after 20 minutes, both screens to blank 530, and 750. Only way to fix is to re-boot x-plane I just saw this comment about mixing devices: I {{{From mixing devices perspective, you're safe to go as long as you always use a unit #1 and a unit #2. This could be in your case 750_1 and 530_2 or 750_2 and 530_1.}} So i changed my 530 to use 530_2 from the plugins menu, but now the 530 face plate is showing , and the switches on the RSG 530 are not working. Please advise what i should do . Is this the technical support forum for Reality XP, I was on the site looking for tech support and is seems round robbin with no actual technical support for purchases products? and lead me to here. thx
  2. So this is Self Service support? Id didn't say that on the website. During installation it says to email support with any questions. We as customers dont get paid, or receive benifits like health insurance for this task of searching thru 18,000 posts. It's on opportunity costs for our income producing jobs. Are you sure there is not support other then self help?
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