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  1. Thabks craige but i think i will buy 2080 super . Heard for flight sim 2020 its not much difference thn TI and super will work fine ?
  2. So I understand its very obvious that 2080ti is better but if i cant afford it and go for 2080 super or game x, will flight sim 20 still work at its best or its not worth it. I Should wait few months to get money and buy ti only ?
  3. Agreed but 2080ti is 1500 usd and 2080 extreme or game pro is 700 usd .. thats double the difference
  4. So in the given ideal specs chart for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020, It mentions RTX 2080 GeForce card. My question is which RTX 2080 card should I choose as even among 2080 series Geforce have different card models with huge price difference. Geforce 2080 ti is double the price of 2080 extreme or 2080 simple. Please guide as Ti is very expensive?? Thanking in Advance
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