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  1. My game seems completely borked now with this patch, FMC issue and just tried taking off from airport i always been using any my CJ4 just did a summersault down the runway. game was working great prior to this patch.. now it’s trash.
  2. Loaded in a flight plan, and entered game. Flight plan is not loading into sim, and the FMC is not working at all on the CJ4 jet. anyone else??
  3. I was iced up in the TBM forgot to put pitot heat on and lost airspeed and altitude indicators.
  4. Release of games early is nothing new. Most top games now a days conduct early releases. It’s more so a giant testing bed and fixes will happen over time. this has been going on since steam (App) was created. and there have been much worse releases and buggy games then this. look at Star citizen for example it’s been in early access beta stage for what 8 years ?
  5. I’ve had the ILs work every time. ATC is hit or miss. I’ll use In game arrivals and sometime ATC will vector me to correct altitude and sometimes it won’t. I did a short hop last night from Erie Pa to KBUF , once I got to the first Approach vector for runway 27 atc just stopped working all together. they really need to fix it , or I’m hoping a 3rd party atc will come along soon.
  6. Yeah that sucks I feel ya. What are the specs of the new rig?
  7. I’m running a i7 8700 , 32 GB ram, RTX2080 super on all ultra settings at 2k res. Getting solid 30 FPS up to 40 in rural areas. Its hardly killing my system. If at all. Game is smooth and looks amazing.
  8. I finally turned on multiplayer last night as well as left live traffic on. reason being as with just live traffic on I really was not seeing a hole lot of any AI traffic. im starting to think the Flightaware Ai traffic isn’t being maximized to what the real world traffic congestion is going on at any given moment. so the Live players experience is mixed, I seen quite a few pilots flying properly, using the correct runways etc, but also seen idiots doing word not allowed things which kinda throws off the immersion. also not sure if live players on same ATC frequency is working as I didn’t see anyone using it on my end. overall really enjoying the SIM , and mainly have been flying the TBM 930 exclusively. Very enjoyable even thow some things are not fully implemented with it. I just wish there was a way to dim the G3000 glass at night time. It is extremely blindingly bright at night.
  9. Got any videos or screenshots to back up these statements?
  10. Internal SSD’s will give you much better load times. I have a WD black external and a SAMSUNG 970 evo internal. And the internal blows it away. I stoped putting games on the external.
  11. I see in their in game screenshots airliners have real world liveries. Is this going to be a thing at launch or what? I’m confused.
  12. Dunno clouds in game look better then any sim I’ve ever played. Or any 3rd part clouds I’ve ever seen. a recent flight over Louisiana, and in game clouds from MSFS 2020. look pretty close to me.
  13. There was a YouTuber showcasing his media version said he was running a 1080ti on max settings and was getting solid 35-40 FPS.
  14. Bro I really don’t know go look on YouTube guys have early access media release versions and have been consistently posting videos of in game flying for the past 2-3 days non stop. One video I watched the guy was flying in snow the entire land scape was snow and ice. Even snow particles on the windscreen..
  15. There are a few videos of media release FS 2020 one of which the guy changes the season to winter and the weather to snow storm. So yes there are seasons..
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