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  1. There was a YouTuber showcasing his media version said he was running a 1080ti on max settings and was getting solid 35-40 FPS.
  2. Bro I really don’t know go look on YouTube guys have early access media release versions and have been consistently posting videos of in game flying for the past 2-3 days non stop. One video I watched the guy was flying in snow the entire land scape was snow and ice. Even snow particles on the windscreen..
  3. There are a few videos of media release FS 2020 one of which the guy changes the season to winter and the weather to snow storm. So yes there are seasons..
  4. I only have Orbx and a few add on airports, and aerosoft a319. p3dv4 ran flawlessly , p3dv5 is a train wreck.
  5. I doubt this game will be as crappy as P3Dv5 is. I have a RTX 2080 Ti and get VRAM issues with that pathetic excuse of a computer program. needless to say OP I’d recommend a 2060 or a 2080 Super 8GB card will be fine.
  6. The f-18 currently is as fully functional as you can get without the obviously classified systems that can’t be modeled. And it’s yes $80 still a lot less then PMdG models.
  7. What I don’t get is why in the world PMdG charges so much for their aircraft ? I get it’s as close to the real deal 737 or 747 as you can get but over $100 ? other flight sims who model aircraft in extreme detail don’t charge nearly that same insane price. For example DCS:world. Fighter jets on the same level of detail but selling for 50-60$ per aircraft.
  8. New here, but been a long time simmer and lurker of this forum. And have a question though, has any of the recent MSFS weekly updates shown what the default non premium scenery looks like? i understand that they are going off satellite imagery so I’m assuming even the default airports will look pretty good? this is my conundrum as I’m not sure what version I want to purchase.
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