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  1. I don't think multiplayer has anything to do with the issue. Live weather always works for me for the first flight, but not for subsequent flights. Restarting the app restores live weather, but again, only for the first flight. It seems that ASOBO has acknowledged this bug, and may have a fix in the upcoming patch they announced yesterday.
  2. I have found that live weather always works with my first flight, but as soon as I return to the main menu to build a new flight, live weather breaks, even if I pick all the same options as my first flight. The only way to get live weather back is to restart the entire app, but it again only works for the first flight. Is this just me, or are others seeing this too?
  3. "...the Microsoft Store version we used for testing relies on DirectX 12 — the game is also available on Steam, however, apparently with DX11 support." Surely this is not true !?
  4. My apologies. I was going from (faulty) memory when I posted earlier. Now that I'm home, I fired up the sim and found pretty much the same thing that you are seeing.
  5. Toronto looks much better than that to me, viewed from CYTZ. You didn't mention your graphic setting. I'm on High. Are you sure that you don't have the Azure streaming option turned off?
  6. Thank you for explaining this. Sure would be nice if there was AP help or a tutorial available in the app!
  7. If you have more than one language installed, you also need to make English (US) your preferred language.
  8. One of the advantages of running the sim in windowed mode: I just click on the X in the corner of the window when I want to quit. I don't know if I'm paying a performance penalty for this, but I haven't run into any frame rate issues yet.
  9. Passengers see clouds too, you know. There's no doubt that the clouds are a huge improvement over FSX, but there is still considerable room for improvement. All the clouds I've seen in screenshots and videos have been variations on a theme by cumulus. What about other cloud types? I don't think I've seen a single cirrus cloud, for example.
  10. Yeah, I'm not sure what Firaxis thinks about that! Civ 6 is currently my favorite game, but I expect that will change on August 18.
  11. Looks fine in Edge, but it's completely broken in Chrome. I'm surprised MSFT haven't fixed it by now.
  12. If bears were hibernating "in sight", that would be a serious bug. It looks like Asobo have implemented the hibernating bears correctly.
  13. I generally find that Google's aerial imagery is updated more frequently than Bing's. One notable exception is my local airport, KCVG (Cincinnati). In Bing I see the massive construction site on the south side of the airport for the new Amazon Global Air Hub, but in Google I still see nothing but trees and pastures from 2+ years ago. I wonder if CVG is specifically targeted for more frequent Bing updates so that Amazon execs in Seattle can keep up to date with construction! 🙂
  14. Anyone who refers to FSX as the "original" Microsoft Flight Simulator is giving their age away.
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