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  1. "An Ode To Greyness ... author unknown" c2020 ___________________________________ Grey. It's all very "grey". Not 50 shades either; just grey. The generic towns and cities are all grey. Concrete in fact. The roofs are grey too I've never been to "Grey Town". It must be dull. I visited a small Alaskan town normally made from colorful wooden houses. All single storey, with roofs painted every color imaginable. In the center of town, there's now a multi-storey car park... yes I know, in a town of 700 residents that fish and eat stink flipper ! But all the houses are so very grey. ___________________________________ I know generic algorithms will never be great, but... Unfortunately the "generic city" algorithm... is simply ... TOO GREY. Sorry to offend. I know Venice looks nice and correct... but I'm not interested in going to Venice. (I don't speak a word of Spanish) I want the world to be generically populated with "some randomness", and a LOT of variety. House roofs are either dark grey slate or red; and many are wooden and multi colored... but not concrete. I have already decided that for now, this is currently, merely a 'Scenery Simulator'.... but I'm officially calling it "MS Concrete Jungle simulator" .... with optional (massive) identical rainforests running through and around them. .... which of course, are all green: the same shade of green surprisingly. To be fair, I haven't been to Africa yet, (I don't speak a word of Australian !) but I'm guessing the trees will all be "brown"... the same shade of brown, no doubt. "Welcome to the Jungle !"🙈 It may be all be Grey and Green, but hey, the water's nice though ! ... 🤣🤣🤣 (P.S. Don't get me started on the skies all looking the same... all the same "blue", and the sunsets all the same "orange"... but I'll keep that for another day)
  2. I could model a full size horse in clay... I could model 1000 sections of the lump of clay. And spend a lot of time on it. But, it aint gonna be a Michelangelo! It's not how many points you attend to... it's what you do to them.
  3. Good question. Also, if you buy from Steam which allows you to install anywhere, and move it any time, will the Orbx Central system work ? I say this because I have 50 airports for P3D and will want my 40% discount when I buy the FS2020 versions (when released), which only works if purchased through Orbx Central.
  4. Cool. Yet sad that many in the world have really bad or expensive internet access and need the discs. Will take me about 7 hours to d/l 150 GB. Think ourselves fortunate.
  5. The " Microsoft support team ". ......Lol. A bit like Army Intelligence.... a theoretical concept whose existence is still open to debate.
  6. When you install it it auto updates to the required build, drivers etc. Mind you, I downloaded via Game Pass. If I decide to buy full version at some point for addons, I will prolly get from Steam.
  7. Anyone know if there will be any problems with the Steam version ? Steam allows installation anywhere. Wondering if Orbx installations from Central will still work with the Steam version. Microsoft Store is not a place a right minded individual wants to spend any time in.
  8. Anyone heard if this will be ported to FS2020..... if it is I may wait.
  9. Well I guess we'll find out soon enough. My guess is that because it does HDR (assuming it's REAL HDR) it must be 2 things. 1. Full screen exclusive 2.10 bit colour. If the above is valid ... it may not be though, as I'm no expert, then I shoyld get full 10 bit colour via my GTX 1080 on my 10 bit 2K monitor. This will make me happy for now until I switch to QLED at the end of the year. If its full 10 bit colour then banding is significantly reduced compared to 8 bit, but as you say, a good monitor or TV screen can further improve gradients if it has a good processor. We'll compare notes after the 18th !
  10. Yes I mean most of the time I'm using at a desk facing a window so it looks ace. But at night with just a 30 watt backlight, night scenes in P3D look a little grey.
  11. I have the BD3270 which is still rated as one of the best 2K (1440p) MVA monitors under 500 quid. The colours are superb straight out of the box... but it is still an LCD monitor so in a dark room there are no true blacks. But as I use OLED phones, tablets and a TV, I probably notice it more readily. I think my blacks are rated at about 0.3 nits... so about the same as an average Plasma TV was back in the day... but check the numbers on a review site for yours.
  12. Well jury's out. If you have 50 Orbx airports in P3D then not so much when you're on the ground. But hopefully they'll port them over in time. Oh it gonna cost though !
  13. Some games will auto switch graphics to HDR when enabled in game. Some... for eg. TOMB RAIDER, seem not to, and you have to manually set in under graphic setting in windows. Eventually all will prolly do it automatically as setting the desktop to "8 bit RGB" gives the best desktop appearance, with HDR switched off in the windows settings. ....Then it only switches to HDR when the game/sim boots up.
  14. Please report back. I'm considering a full HDR monitor but only if it gives full 10 bit colour so the skies have none of that horrid colour banding.
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