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  1. flatscreen msfs + tobii foveated rendering = 300% fps gains and more? when i read text on flatscreen monitor, only the word in my center if sharp, everything else unsharp. so that would mean .. tons of fps increase? 3 cm next to my center could easily be 30% of the resolution of my center of the eye. if 100% of your screen is at the monitors native res and u get 40 fps in EDDF... then what would happen if only 1-2% of your screen is at 100% and the rest is 10%? holy word not allowed 😄 why is the holy m0ly word not allowed?
  2. anything new regarding blender importer? oh wait. i found it on fsdeveloper site fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/blender-to-msfs-exporter-on-day-one.448381/
  3. What hardware will we need for 4k VR with the reverb 2 in a big airport with a airliner? I don't think the 3070 will be enough for 50 fps. I don't play vr or 4k currently, but 1080p. I have a 2070s and in airliner and in big airport etc i get less than 30 fps. Your guess?
  4. why is nobody mentioning TIVAT? show me airport+surroundings in balkan which looks better
  5. Balkans: Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia And other question is more regarding what is possible, how airports can look in future if they would have 1000x more budget than right now: Would you want a payware airport which dose not look like in RL, but is a better version of that airport? We all know some airports in RL which are just old and bad. Imagine them being upgraded in msfs. Ex. Would you pay money for a airport which has the runway on a bridge, and the cross taxiways are under the runway in a tunnel? So in short a efficient airport without waiting in front of runways like in flat airport.
  6. i think the orbx innsbruck airport for msfs has the real life buildings in the city from real life. it looks different than default mfs. default innsbruck is ugly as hell and no photogrammetry. but the orbx innsbruck looks like it's the real buildings? i dont think they manually made them. how did they do that? do they hire a company which makes pictures from above and then they do photogrammetry?
  7. perhaps someone here has sdk and is allowed to talk about it with me
  8. a pdf or so is enough. don't need the tools or a software. i just wanna read more about the sdk stuff.
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