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  1. I'm not sure how to go about it, so I would like to put-in a request. Would someone have the time and skills to create a repaint for the A320Neo or 787 in MSFS 2020? LOT does not have A320, but I think it would look beautiful in the sim. I'd like to ask if some one would please create a LOT A320 for MSFS 2020? https://www.lot.com/us/en/embraer-195-description
  2. On the FS forum, a used named UPSVAC123 said: "If you download livery pack the mega pack the one that’s listed in the discord livery section, in those files will be an aircraft config file. It’s very similar to FSX P3D, there’s a line that says usable for AI, You change the 0 to a 1." That being said, I haven't tried it myself yet. Happy flying!
  3. Also happens to me, when I change views via menu. Like going to preset view in showcase and back to the cockpit.
  4. Hello world! This is my first post on this amazing forum! I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but really I hope we will have many specific camera options in the sim. What I mean is something similar to EZ Dock cameras from FSX. So when you press a specific key it can take you to your custom view. Like overhead panel, FMS, left/right views from the cockpit, wing view, etc. Also a walk-around feature with optional flashlight would be so nice! Especially with the new graphics and realism, it would be great to walk outside/inside the plane before you sit down to fly it. Another serious and cool thing would be to have a basic car to drive around just to appreciate the scenery. I know I'll spend some time just looking at it all and listening to the ambient sounds! Other than the EZ Dock camera, what else do you all use for example, to look at the overhead panel and click the right buttons (even in FSX/P3D/X-plane)? I don't think a hat switch is a great solution in my opinion. #MacSimmer
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