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  1. Hi Jean-Luc, As to Number 1. The GTN Trainer is an interactive unit that allows a person to actually complete flights in a simulated environment to train on the features and systems inside the unit. I do not care that you have some features grayed out, however, as I have stated several times, the Checklist Button ( It seem to be on the other users of your system) is not in my unit. I realize you think this is not relevant to the TAWS or Visual Approach issues, but once one eliminates the obvious, no matter how unlikely something is, it must be a part of the issue. I have only ever mentioned it because I seem to be the only one without the button.(Functioning or Not) Also, when I mention the Trainer, it is only because your product needs the Trainer to be functioning properly in order for it to work correctly. As to Number 2. FSX Accelerator will not load on my system. As I have stated before, I have the original discs and codes, but Windows 10 Professional throws out error codes every time I try to install FSX. That is the main reason I personally use FS9. However, as I also stated before, I have several friends who use FS9 as the graphics engine for their Flight Ground School Training devices. As to Number 3. The Visual Approach was unaffected by the reinstall. To restate, after the reinstall, I made sure that no 3rd party software or hardware was installed or interfacing with FS9. Even using just the default keyboard functions to fly the stock aircraft - tried 4 different ones - the results were exactly the same at any airport. As to Number 4. The Auto Detect is not actually reading correctly. If you look again at the Aircraft Config File that I attached to this thread, you will see that the values detected DO NOT match the values in the file. I realize it is simple coding, but if you check, it did not read what was there. This again is why I keep saying that I wonder if the Downloader for FS9 is not somehow corrupted or that is does something in the file that causes some type of error. As to Number 5. Is the "GEAR LEVEL DOWN" value something I can change in the GTN CONFIG, or is it internal coding? I do not see that line in the GTN CONFIG. Thanks again for you efforts. Jeff
  2. Hi Frank, First let me restate for the record, that I have all of the RXP legacy products, they all still work, and I am very pleased with their performance. Also, please understand that before I posted anything here other than a pre-purchase question, I exhausted every possible research source to try and ascertain if I was attempting to use the product incorrectly, or if I had some setting wrong in FS9, the RXP GTN Unit, or the Garmin trainer. After watching about 30 hours worth of video, and spending over 100 hours trying different aircraft, airports, and settings, (including a Fresh Install of FS9) I posted here trying to see what might be the issue. As you can see from the previous posts, the RXP GTN unit is not reading the aircraft config settings correctly. This is the first clue I have that something is wrong or corrupted in the coding. Secondly, as I stated in my last post, I do not even have all the buttons,(Greyed Out or Not), that are supposed to be in the RXP unit. The Garmin Trainer works great, and all the functionality including Visual Approaches, both TAWS settings, and the Checklists perform as expected. I have tried everything Jean-Luc asked, and I am quite sure after seeing no results to the suggestions he is completely baffled by what is going on. For the record, I do electronics technical work, and as I posted previously, am also a pilot IRL using a real GTN 750/650 linked to the G600 EADI/EHSI with SVT. In my work in electronics, I often run into issues that do not solve easily. However, regardless of the age of the unit, I always do my best to solve the issues for the customer and work to find the best possible solution in every situation.(Even when there is the chance that it means I do not get paid or lose money) I believe that every problem is solvable and that from finding that solution, you gain knowledge that you otherwise would not have, and that knowledge can be applied to other projects in the future. To your point about FS9. I use FS9 because when I had to replace my system due to Motherboard Issues, my new system would not load FSX Accelerator. I have all the versions of FS since the original one, and have all the original packaging and discs associated. Also, the new system will not run XP. On my old system, I had a dedicated SSD that had XP professional on it and that was what I used for FS9 and FSX. Everything worked great there. Obviously I did not have the GTN unit then. When I could not get FSX to load on my system, I tried with some modicum of success to load FS9.(Had to use the hard coded license key instead of the disc 4 option) I also know others, both for personal use and for Business Flight Training use, that still use FS9 either due to Frame Rates being better, or the fact they have paid for so many add-ons and hardware that do not transfer to FSX. In the current state of my system, FS9 runs fine and all the Legacy RXP products work in either the stock FS9 aircraft or the add-on aircraft that I have.(Some Payware and some Freeware) In addition, the payware planes and other items also work fine. My current system is an AMD Gaming MB with the AMD 2950X 16 core Processor, 128GB DDR4 Ram, Radeon VII 16GB GPU, EVO 960pro 2TB SSD, 17TB of Storage, and Duel ViewSonic 27" gaming monitors. On this system I have all the latest updates installed, so I would highly doubt that the system is causing the issue. I simply list my system specs so you know I am not trying to run things on a slow or antiquated system. I would welcome any suggestions that you might have regarding how to fix the issues with the RXP GTN 750, and thank you for your input and perspective. Thanks again, Jeff
  3. Hi Jean-Juc, I have now tried that last thing you requested, which was a fresh install of FS9, insuring that NO other 3rd Party Modules were installed. Even disconnected All Flight Controllers. As I had suspected, the results are exactly the same. The Gear Warning is still erroneous and the TAWS does not function correctly in either mode. As I stated before, I still do not understand how my downloaded gauge can look differently from the ones on the You tube videos for the FS9 Sim or the Garmin Trainer, and still be functioning correctly. I realize you seem to want to ignore the possibility that there is something corrupted in the FS9 download version, but I am quite sure after all the research that I have performed, that this has to be the case. As I stated in several previous posts, My Unit - The One on My Computer does not even have a Checklist Button anywhere, and since the Visual Approach System, the Auto Config Detection System, and the TAWS System Do Not Function Correctly, a person with average computer knowledge can only presume that there is something either corrupted in the downloader, or there are several bugs in the coding in the FS9 version of the Gauge. I realize that you are busy, with as you put it in your previous post, more important issues. Also, I realize from your previous posts and the ones of Les O'Rilley, that since it is only 35 bucks, I should just go away. However, I am quite sure that I am not the only person who is having these issues, and I did verify before I purchased this item, that it worked in FS9. Perhaps, we can give this the attention it deserves and try to fix this for the betterment of all the users of this gauge in FS9. Thanks again for all your efforts. Jeff
  4. Hi Jean-Luc, I tried changing the values in Item Number 2. This had no effect on the Erroneous Gear Warning. It still happens at about 500' AGL even though the flaps are full down and the gear shows 3 down and locked. Also, I tried as you suggested for the TAWS and renamed the previous novol file and then Re-started FS9. Sadly, this had no effect either. I await your further ideas to attempt to correct the issues. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks again for your help. As to Item Number 1, there is not another Flaps setting area in the Aircraft Config File. As to Item Number 2, I will try changing the last values to 160, and 200 , 200 and see if that makes a difference. As for the TAWS, I will give that a try and report back. Again, thanks for all your help. Jeff
  6. Hi Jean-Luc, Just checking to see if you were able to look at the files posted above? I have checked them against other FS9 stock retractable gear aircraft and do not see anything out of place. Please let me know what you find. Also, please notice I tried all your previous suggestions and posted the results above. Thanks, Jeff
  7. Hi Jean-Luc, I have now also tried what you suggested in Number 2 of your post. This has had no effect in the RXP GTN 750 unit. As I previously stated in all my posts, the Garmin Trainer Unit is working perfectly in All TAWS Modes and in all Aircraft Modes Available. Thanks again for all your help. Jeff
  8. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for the efforts. I will address the items in order. As to Number 1, here is the aircraft file: [flaps.0] type = 1 // 1 - tail, 2 - lead span-outboard = 0.5 // 0.0 .. 1.0 extending-time = 5 // seconds flaps-position.0 = 0 // degrees flaps-position.1 = 20 // degrees flaps-position.2 = 40 // degrees damaging-speed = 180 // KIAS blowout-speed = 250 // KIAS [contact_points] point.0=1, 13.00, 0.00, -4.0, 1181, 0, 0.596, 39.9, 0.296, 2.5, 0.9516, 4.8, 4.8, 0, 0.0, 0.0 point.1=1, -1.67, -8.58, -4.7, 1574, 1, 0.596, 0.0, 0.642, 2.5, 0.8152, 4.5, 5.2, 2, 0.0, 0.0 point.2=1, -1.67, 8.58, -4.7, 1574, 2, 0.596, 0.0, 0.642, 2.5, 0.8152, 4.8, 4.9, 3, 0.0, 0.0 point.3=2, -3.33, -23.92, -3.00, 787, 0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.0000, 0.0, 0.0, 5, 0.0, 0.0 point.4=2, -3.33, 23.92, -3.00, 787, 0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.0000, 0.0, 0.0, 6, 0.0, 0.0 point.5=2, -22.67, 0.00, 0.00, 787, 0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.0000, 0.0, 0.0, 9, 0.0, 0.0 point.6=2, 23.08, 0.00, -1.50, 787, 0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.000, 0.0, 0.0000, 0.0, 0.0, 4, 0.0, 0.0 As to Number 2 listed above, I will give that a try shortly and let you know the outcome. As to Number 3 listed above, I tried that before starting this thread and encountered the same results. By the same results, I mean that neither the TAWS A worked or the Visual Approaches worked correctly. Just a reminder, that the Garmin Trainer in the TAWS A mode, and the RXP Sandel 3400TAWS unit when installed in this aircraft, both work just fine. Thanks again for all your efforts, Jeff
  9. Hi Jean-luc, Thanks for all your help. I gave you the .ini file from the aircraft folder in FS9. I just wanted to be sure you didn't need the one in the RXP Folder in the ProgramData section of the C: Drive. So as to the TAWS issues, The aircraft I am flying is a Turbine Royal Duke which is a Twin Turbine powered aircraft that is Pressurized and has Retractable Gear. I changed the values of the flaps and gear because the auto detect does not match real life or the aircraft config file and .air files of the aircraft in FS9. I also fly the real version of the plane and have a real GTN 750 in the plane with TAWS A active. In the real plane and in the FS9 aircraft config files the values I inputted are the same as what you see in the RXP GTN 750 ini file. The "Too Low Gear" warning happens even though the gear is extended once I get to 500' agl. Also, it happens at every airport. (Can't be an error in FS9 since I have used the RXP Sandel 3400TAWS gauge in this same aircraft with No Issues.) Additionally, I only asked about the checklists again since My Downloaded Version of your RXP GTN 750 does NOT even show a checklist button, so I wondered if there was something corrupted in My files. (The Garmin Trainer Database and System work fine in the TAWS A Mode.) The Visual Approach mode steps I follow, are: Go to Procedures Button Click on Approach Button Find "Visual to RWY" required Click on that RWY Number Button Then Click on Select and Activate the Approach Button According to everything I have read in the manuals and observed in the training videos online for the RXP GTN 750 unit, this is the only way to ensure that it actually loads the approach correctly for the autopilot to fly it. Also, I am using the Garmin Data Base that was included in the download, and with the Shadin Airdata enabled, I do get the correct GSL values at the airport of choice. These values also crosscheck with the Garmin Training Unit values at the same airport with the same Baro reading. So in both cases (TAWS and Visual), I am at a loss as to what would allow the Garmin Trainer Unit to work correctly, but the RXP GTN 750 to have these errors. I look forward to the next trouble shooting steps you suggest. Thanks again for all your efforts, Jeff
  10. Hi Jean-Luc, I conducted the Visual Approach test with and without the Shadin Air Data. The results are the same. In FS9 (Only sim I have up and running), the aircraft flies the horizontal path to the runway perfectly, but the vertical path is consistently 400 to 700 feet short of the runway. As I stated in a previous post, I did already compare the Garmin Trainer Airport Data for each airport to the FS9 Data using the paid version of ADE9 (v1.78). The data matches up, but for some reason the Visual Approach just doesn't work in FS9. It works fine in the Garmin Trainer. I am wondering if the fact that My version of the RXP GTN 750 lacks a Checklist Button, might mean I have some type of corrupted download. Is that possible? Thanks again for all your efforts. Jeff
  11. Hi Jean-Luc, I agree the TAWS and Visual Approaches are the most important. Here is the GTN.ini file in the rxp folder in my Documents folder. It is the only GTN ini file I find doing a search on my computer. Let me know if this is not what you are looking for. [GTN_750_1] ; is the master device if true. MasterDevice = true ; aviation db: 0: nav_db2_grm, 1: nav_db2, 2: nav_heli_db2_grmn, 3: nav_heli_db2 NavDbType = 1 ; connects to: 'PFC_GTN' or any '#PID' (#D067 for PFC_GTN) ; no value connects to first found, 'OFF' disables connection. HardwareDevice = ; hardware selector number or -1 to disable. HardwareIdx = -1 UseRyanTcad = true LinkSimGps = true TawsMode = TAWS_A TawsMinLength = 1200 ; TAWS flap extension speed (knots) or -1 (auto detect Vfe: 250) TawsFlapSpeed = 160 ; TAWS gear extension speed (knots) or -1 (auto detect Vle: 0) TawsGearSpeed = 160 RyanTcadVolume = 80 AutoSavePln = true LinkObs = true OwnshipIcon = TWIN_ENGINE UseSimGpsCmds = true [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] ; show screen only gauge if true. nobezel = false ; screen only border size (pixels). border.size = 0 ; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA). border.rgba = #000000 ; display mouse tooltips if true. tooltips = false ; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false. usemouse = true ; enable alternate click-spots (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) if true. usealtmouse = false ; enable default 'hand' cursor over the touch screen (2D only). usealtcursor = false ; enable touch beyond screen bounds if true (2D only), clip if false (GTN native). extendtouch = true ; auto-resize dimension (width,height) refsize = ; left mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225) (requires SHIFT+left mouse button). popleft = ; right mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225). popright = ; adjust brightness (0 to 100) brightness.bezel = 100 ; offset brightness (-100 to +100) brightness.screen = 0 Thanks Again. Jeff
  12. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for getting back to me. So let me take each point one at a time. I have looked at the config file for the RXP GTN and the airspeeds are correct for the airplane I have it installed in. I prefer to use the TAWS A setting since that is what I use in real life. Also, the RXP Sandel 3400 TAWS unit that I own and use works perfectly in all the aircraft. A great little unit I have flown with both on the sim from RXP and in real life. - Does this setting not work correctly with the RXP GTN 750 unit? It is working fine in the Garmin Training Simulator. As to the Visual Approaches, as I stated in a previous post, these approaches work fine in the Garmin Training Simulator. I have tried 30 different airports located in the USA on the Garmin Training Simulator and all worked fine. However, when I try them in FS9 using the GTN 750 they do not work. All the other types of approaches work correctly, but not the Visual ones. I would love to work with you to ascertain why. As to the Checklist issue, I have read everything available on this forum site about the customer issues. However, in each case no one mentions Not Having a Checklist Button in the Service Menu Screen. My RXP GTN 750 unit Does Not even have a Checklist Button. However, the Garmin Training Unit Does and works just fine. Maybe you have some other suggestions as to what might be the cause, or perhaps we could work together to correct this issue as well. As to the Weather and Data Boxes, I would like to take those one at a time. The Weather feature work on the Garmin Training Simulator just fine. However, even though I have the RXP WX500 unit, it will not interface on the RXP GTN 750 unit. Not sure why this is. I do realize that the RXP did not ship with Weather, but I figured it would interface with the WX500. Again, I would be happy to work on this with RXP if this was how it is supposed to work. In addition, on some videos, it showed the RXP version displaying weather. Not sure how they accomplished that. Finally, on to the Music/Data button. Again, I realize that it would not actually work without a real XM subscription. However, also in videos that I have seen, that button accessed music files on someone's computer to simulate functionality. Additionally, in the Garmin Training Simulator, the button does work and shows weather data as if it were hooked up to an actual XM data package. This would be another area I would be happy to work with you guys on. Again let me state for the record that I have had really good luck with the RXP Legacy units. I own all of them. So I would love to get this unit working as well as those units do. It not only helps me personally, but it helps everyone else that buys the unit and adds to the realism and training functionality of the unit. Thanks again for your response and also to Bert for his help and support. Jeff
  13. Well Les, I didn't realize that you were so sensitive. I didn't address the issue of pilot ratings for anything more than the context that I use the actual product from Garmin and therefore have intimate knowledge of how it operates outside of a simulated environment. As to your COVID reference, we here in the US have the same issues, but my company still strives to address all customer concerns in a professional and timely manner. Perhaps rather than worrying about defending what RXP is doing, or attempting to disparage me personally, you could provided some constructive help or simply not post to this thread. As I stated in replies to Bert's Posts, I have done as much research as possible, including reading all available information here on this site, as well as watching approximately 15 hours of Youtube videos on the use and set-up of this product. To that end, I have attempted every suggestion and followed closely the ideas proffered up to correct the issues. But had any of those corrections solved my issues, I would not have started this thread in the first place. Still hoping for some actual answers and resolutions to the issues. Thanks for everything, Jeff
  14. Hi all. To further complicate matters, the checklist button does not even appear in my GTN750. I have loaded one of the default check lists from the Garmin zip file and renamed it Checklist.gtn I am not sure if there was a download corruption of the file or not. Also, the Weather Box and the Music/Data Box are both Grayed Out on my unit. In the videos I have watched, those both look like they worked. I can send a screenshot of each of the issues if that will be helpful. Thanks again to anyone who has information that might be useful to address these issues. Jeff
  15. Hi Les, If you look at the previous posts, they certainly did not start on the weekend. Also, as I stated in the previous posts, I am a Commercial Pilot in real life, and have used the Actual Real GTN750 from Garmin in planes that I fly. To your point about the Garmin Trainer and the Visual Approaches, it does fly them just fine, and I have tested my issue with the Visual Approaches in FS9 at 30 various airports. Most of which also have some other published GPS or RNAV approach to the same runway as I tried the Visual Approaches too. Alas, in every case, in the sim, the plane lands short. Also, using ADE - The Paid Version - I checked that the actual runway lengths and they matched the Garmin Trainer Data Base Charts for these airports. Secondly, regardless of the Visual Approach feature, the Gear Warning is also malfunctioning and that certainly does not happen in the Garmin Trainer. So I am just trying to figure out what coding or config setting might be missing that I can fix to eliminate the issue. Also, as I stated in the previous posts, I own all of the Legacy RXP products, and never had any issues before or currently with any of their products. However, I do know that the company went out of business for a while. I realize it is only $35.00. But in my line of work, the cost of the part does not determine the level of attention I pay to my customers. I truly hope to find a solution to the issues because I do like my previous RXP products and still use them today. Jeff
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