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  1. Oh ok, my fault. I guess its the same policy as in other programms too. But not sure. Maybe you should try to contact MS and ask them. If you follow the link I posted, you can chat with MS. I guess they can tell how the policy is.
  2. Why can´t you just google by yourself? Take a look here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10558/microsoft-store-returning-items-bought-for-exchange-refund
  3. That’s exactly where the game is installed. You can’t see all the subfolders, cause you don’t have the permission. But it’s there. Hidden by MS
  4. Yes. I have installed it and it works as it should. It’s quiet easy to download it via Gamepass, just getobten Gamepass App, look for MSFS and Click on Download. Then wait, it’ll take a bit. after installing the installer, run the game and wait for downloading the 90gb update
  5. You can removed too. Look into Apps in your windows 10. right Click on the MSFS App, then remove and choose new drive. As simple as in Steam
  6. Hi, I am back after about 15 years. That time I simmed FSX and now waiting for MSFS. I’m really exited. Quiet happy to be in such a great Forum. all the best for you all
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