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  1. I had the privilege of seeing the Antonov AN-225 Mriya land at the airport in 2014 too.
  2. Hi all, My local airport is East Midlands Airport in the UK, living under the approach path for runway 27. I’ve been following the development updates on twitter by Pyreegue, who is working on this airport and the teaser preview screenshots look to be absolutely fantastic. The level of detail is outstanding. I think this is going to be their best work yet on already next level airports released so far, eg Belfast and Edinburgh. I can’t wait for release day. (Hopefully soon) This looks to be awesome. Is anyone else looking forward to this airport coming to MSFS…?
  3. East Midlands Airport, UK Pretty please 😎😎
  4. I’ve been using the A320 button version for MSFS2020 which has already been fantastic so I can’t wait for this release to add even more to the FBW experience. Excellent work. Btw … is the UK pilot announcement guy a real pilot and will he feature again in this version when welcoming the passengers onboard. ? 😉
  5. Does anyone remember the hype when DX10 was announced to replace DX9 with FSX all them years ago. Lots of excitement with better graphics and smoother frame rates. Then there was that infamous amazing water effects shot promised with DX10, that never quite materialised. Did it ever materialise as a massive improvement? Having come back to flight simming after many years out, is it history repeating itself?. I’m curious too see if the newer DX12 will significantly improve MSFS2020 because it already looks fantastic. 😎😎
  6. So after working shifts for the past few days this has been my first chance to download the new UK Update. Whilst I was on, I have also updated the latest FBW custom update for the A320 with the all new cockpit textures and more nice little features including a Costa Coffee cup😎 So I decide to spawn in on Runway 23R at Manchester Airport in the UK. I have the payware addon from Macco Simulations which is now updated to Version 1 , a fantastic scenery to begin with. Fingers crossed for no issues, it all loads in and I have just taken off on a little test flight. Well what can I say. my jaw has dropped once again. This sim has just gone up another level to me. The new cockpit textures from the FBW are outstanding. The improved clouds look amazing which to be fair they were already right up there and overall the lighting in the sim just seems to be improved. The work they have done has made this feel like a newer improved MSFS2020. What you have done is absolutely fantastic. Yes there is still little issues that need resolving but the team at Asobo and Microsoft are doing such an outstanding job. I’m off to explore the new UK now and look forward to see what have they improved. A big Thankyou from me to all the developers
  7. Excellent addon. I downloaded this and flew into Gran Canaria today. Still amazes me how freeware scenery competes and sometimes beats payware hands down. Awesome work by the developer 👍🏻👍🏻
  8. Absolutely, and sounds like Asobo have listened and assisted FBW in the temp fix.
  9. It’s literally just been merged into the latest build. All tests so far and AP is working good. FBW are tweeting as we speak. Great news
  10. The team at FlybyWire have just updated with a Temp fix in the last hour. If you download the latest Dev Version, all may be well again
  11. I absolutely love it too. I’ve had many many years away from flight simulation, previously flying in FSX way back in 2005 or so. Having just a few months back with MSFS2020, this sim has blown me away. Exciting times ahead with so many addons in the pipeline. And the community is amazing with all the support
  12. Thanks everyone. Great to back. Im based in the UK and looking forward to lots of UK airports to be released including my home airport, East Midlands. I’ve also bought the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke as well as the Thrust Master Airbus Sidestick. Next on my list is a set of pedals, a throttle quadrant, either the Honeycomb or Airbus throttle release later this year. Exciting times
  13. So way back in 2005 I was a very keen Flight Sim enthusiast. I was a fan of Microsoft Flight Simulator since 2000 and spent hundreds if not into the thousands of my hard earned cash on a PC, Addons and peripherals. As time went by, my passion slowly faded. Adult Life and things took over and my Flight Sim days weaned away. I slowly and reluctantly sold all my hardware. Imagine my delight when I saw Microsoft were releasing a new Flight Simulator MSFS2020. It had been nearly 15 years since my last virtual flight. My fond memories of this genre were reignited. I always thought MS FSX was impressive. Yes it had its flaws and no machine back then could run it smoothly but it provided hours of entertainment, satisfying a childhood dream of being a real pilot. The graphics were good but I always thought, what will graphics be like in 10yrs time. As more trailers were released I was in total awe of what was about to be released. I was genuinely excited. I bought a new PC, got my hands on new peripherals as the simulator launched. I could not wait until the August release date. And so it arrived. Well what can I say. For someone out the game for 15 years. Wow it is fantastic. I’m brushing back up on my airliner skills. Learning to fly the Airbus A320. My excitement is back and the community forums are on my favourites all over again. Have Microsoft/Asobo done a good job?. In my opinion. Oh yes they certainly have. There are some flaws and some bugs that need ironing out but the Sim is nearly just very nearly “as real as it gets” I look forward to the updates and patches and third party airports and planes. the future of Flight Simming is great and I’m glad to be back.
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