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  1. I finally got MSFS 2020 working by simply uninstalling the XBOX app.😃
  2. You may be 100% right zihmer. I learned to fly and got my part 61 ticket in 150's, 152's and 172's, but it's been a few years. I don't remember that being an issue in those planes so i never thought about it in the sim.
  3. I fly the C 152 and C172. I am not familiar with the G36.
  4. All of my small GA aircraft fly reasonably straight and level. They all will randomly drift off one way or the other eventually at cruise power and speed, but never pull constantly one way. If you are using a joystick, I would dial in a very small dead zone in all 3 axis. Hope that helps.
  5. I landed my C 152 there and then departed and nobody seemed to mind!😁
  6. It is gonna drift off without autopilot, no way around that. You don't have to maintain a constant compass heading, ya just have to find the next landmark.
  7. It sounds like you don't have your plane trimmed properly. (elevator trim) When trimmed properly you should be able to let go of the joystick for a minute or two and only make minor adjustments to the flight path. Lots of YouTube videos of how to trim. Good luck, I am having a blast with the Bush Trips!😁 Oh, and it automatically saves your progress...
  8. I found the answer.😁 You have to create a keyboard shortcut for Repair and Refuel.
  9. In reference to Activities, Bush Trips: How do I request fuel at remote airstrip?
  10. Is there anywhere inside the sim to get airport info. Such as runway elevation, runway length, traffic pattern, ect.?
  11. The best solution for the "drone view" is to connect a XBOX game controller to the PC!😁
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