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  1. Exactly as you mentioned the surfaces - take a look at this B777 landing.... you see that the elevator moves, but the change in the plane pitch is not immediately 😄 immediate (due to physics you mentioned such as weight...), but there is subtle "delay". And this kind of delay I am missing in the sim.
  2. Hi there, when watching real-life cockpit landings of Boeing 777 I have noticed that whenever pilot moves the yoke, the movement of the aircraft happens with some .5-1s delay. When I move the yoke in FSX while langing, there is immediate reaction by the plane with no delay - why is it so? I though of PMDG to make this input delay more realistic. There is "input delay" when using aerosoft product a319 - however it is not done perfectly - actually when you move your desktop joystick - the aircraft makes a movement with delay - but actually it is the joystick that moves in the virtual cockpit with the delay, the movement by the aircraft is almost instantenous when in-cockpit joystick moves (it is just apperent delay because there is some delay between your real-life joystick and joystick in the game, but no actual delay between in-game joystick and aicraft movement).
  3. ...and I do not mean just the sensitivity but overall behaviour of the aircraft resulting from rudder inputs, is it not exaggerated?
  4. What about B747? Is it ok for this aircraft to barrel-roll at 1000 feet? Behaves like crazy. Rudder reactions on any FS2020 aircraft is a joke. The more I play, the more word not allowed off I am.
  5. Not just airbus, also boeing747 as well. Aircraft behaviour and rudder controls are un utter joke.
  6. No I am referring to B747. If I have to chose which of the two sims have shittier aircraft, I chose 2020.
  7. What advantage does MSFS2020 Boeing747 have if it behaves like a redbull plane?
  8. Did default B747 in FSX behave so stupidly as default MSFS B747? This is travesty.
  9. Definitely no, default FSX Boeing 747 is way better than that piece of garbage in MSFS2020. MSFS2020 B747 should join redbull races.
  10. What? Are you like five or what or sucking on your thumb in the basement? Do you even know what troll means or are you just writing it because you saw it before someone using it when not seeing opinion that they liked?
  11. Well if you ever compared FSX planes with PMDG and aerosoft you would know that FSX planes are closer to the "real thing" than MSFS GTA V planes. I picked FSX on purpose to make a point.
  12. Well if you ever compared FSX planes with PMDG and aerosoft you would know that FSX planes are closer to the "real thing" than MSFS GTA V planes.
  13. They look like real pilots to me. Like the majority of this forum users who cannot stand any negative feedback of MSFS2020.
  14. Compare the way default FSX Boeing 747 and airbus A320 flies with PMDG747 and Aerosoft320. So I believe I have a good baseline to compare to. Default FSX planes are closer to the "real thing" than default MSFS2020 "planes". Yeah, they do not look nice, they do not have many working buttons but their flying is more believable. I really doubt Boeing 747 can barrell-roll at mere 1000 feet without crashing and act like some kind of red bull plane. Yes, it is a default plane, but it should be done a little bit better, this is shoddy work.
  15. We are not allowed to give negative impression on this game, obviously only positive feedback and opinion is tolerated among some individuals.
  16. Well that is another thing, you need to get sensitivity down by 50%.
  17. Well if I compare FSX PMDG or aerosoft product with the FSX default product and MSFS2020 default produt, the FSX default products are closest to the "real thing".
  18. Are you the type of the person which only admits of positive review on this game? What kind of reply is that? Are you like four?
  19. If I compare default planes from FSX to default planes in MSFS2020, I have to say that FSX wins it. I do not feel like I am flying a simulator, but rather playing a game like GTA V. The sensitivity / reactions of the planes in MSFS2020 are absolutely horrible and make it unplayable on simulation-basis-level. This is for gamers, because gamers do not care and do not even know how the plane should be behaving. Yes, the scenery is wonderful. If I want to explore and enjoy the world, I choose MSFS2020, but if I want to enjoy operating aircraft, I will prefer FSX for now.
  20. IMHO gamers and streamers took over to promote this product instead of engaging real pilots into it.
  21. If I may ask, did you buy it on steam or from Microsoft store? What are your specs?
  22. There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the release of the news sim so I am glad to hear that you have nice experience. I guess we will have to wait for 3rd parties for high-quality airliners, like always so this is understandable.
  23. Disregarding scenery and other good-looking stuff, how satisfied are you with the simulation itself, aircraft flying/behaviour/response etc.?
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