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  1. After all the updates why haven't they fixed the constant download loop I brought this the day it was released and still stuck with trying to get everything downloaded so that I can start the game and fly something.
  2. I had similar problem so I opened the UK 2000 folder and copied the scenery and texture folders to the add-on scenery folder and all my UK airfields appear in fsx.
  3. Installed as per instructions but when I launch i didn't see anything on the maps.any help would be appreciated.
  4. Installed the 10 disc's standard version which took nearly 5 hours so don't want to go through that again it just keeps trying to download the updates gets so far on a file called fs big files fs 1.66 fs patch gets to about 7% then goes back to 0% and trys again I notice other people with the same problem so it's not my hardware or connection any help would be appreciated.
  5. No the sim rubbish don't have any problem downloading other stuff with my connection.
  6. Installed this Sim in August couldn't get it to work then I reinstalled this week when it starts downloading updates which is 35gb it gets to about 7gb then keeps trying to download the same file big file 1.66 fs patch any fixes out there starting to get annoyed with this rubbish sim.
  7. Haven't downloaded the patch yet but has it fixed the Sim from crashing when it starts to load with the blue bar at the bottom of screen
  8. I installed from disk to my d drive as well with the update I launch the Sim it looks for updates then I get the blue loading bar it gets half way across the screen then crashes to desktop tryed everything to get it working why Microsoft didn't get this sorted before release it's like buying a car and waiting for the steering wheel to be delivered just wouldn't happen I've now reinstalled all my fsx and add-ons so frustrating good luck.
  9. One last question if you don't mind have you got it up and running if so how many GB was the update
  10. It's the worst software to install I've come across Sorry what do you mean by hanada 1.26 1.27 1.28
  11. After installing the 10 DVDs then downloading the 1.8gb launcher the sim starts up then i get a screen pop up then says it's updating but the update says 90gb what did you do to stop that if I was downloading the game again from Microsoft store wouldn't not let me as I didn't buy from there but off Amazon sorry to be a pain but this game is starting to get frustrating.

  12. Installed to my external hard drive and it's updating 90gb to my c drive don't understand why the update is so large any ideas.
  13. Glad I didn't delete my fsx and all the add-ons that go with it.
  14. I thought it was about 20gb to update then start flying is everyone having to update over 90gb before they start.
  15. I installed the 10 DVDs launch from Microsoft store then sim loads up and says 90gb to update this can't be right offensive initials not allowed
  16. After installing 10 DVDs i go to launch sim it's telling me to download a further 90gb shawly that's not right any help.
  17. Installed the sim yesterday with the disk version when I launched it today the update screen appeared and says it needs to download over 90gb to update is that right.
  18. Can I start flying while it updates it's self on first launch.
  19. I'm installing from DVD disks which is taking forever do I have to download updates before I can start flying.
  20. I can run fsx with photo scenery no problem with my PC set up will I be able to run fs2020 even if it was on low setting as I've just ordered the sim but can't afford to update my PC without upsetting the wife.
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