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  1. Hey what did you fix in the ini file? I have the same issue also with the F33a. If I delete the ini file I can get the 750 to work upon reloading the plugin in XP11 but I have to do this ever time I close out XP.
  2. I have this exact issue with the Carenado Bonanza. It took me a while to figure out but if I delete the GTN…ini file and reload the airplane, opening the GTN plug-ins results in the 750 performing normal again. For some reason the black “rebooting…” screen is present on ever load of the plane unless I delete the ini file prior to loading. Not the end of the world as reloading the 750 plug-in upon opening the aircraft works but super annoying and clearly a bug somewhere. Happy to share my ini file is someone can figure out where the problem is.
  3. Thank you for the response. I will have to familiarize myself a bit more with the sim commands. I'm assuming this is how you assign home built instruments via Arduino etc. I am shying away from the RealSimGear option because each one is a dedicated screen which my PC would have to process. The 650/750 would add two monitors. I would like to create a virtual stack with the 650/750 and some radios and autopilot running off air manager on the same touch screen. I am concerned about operating the knob because those can be tricky on in touch screen.
  4. XP11 user here. Thinking of making the jump to RXP for nav. I was hoping to "pop-out" the windows on the GTN and drag it to my second monitor which is touchscreen and displays instruments running off of Air Manager. I would like to know if the knobs and buttons on the bezel of the RXP GTN can be controlled by the touchscreen. Can the knobs be rotated to toggle through the menus? Second question is, is it possible to assign hardware (rotary encoder or even XP knobster) to control knobs on RXP bezel? Thanks!
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