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  1. I've been waiting for this for ages so will def pick up. It looks awesome. @mrfilbertwill you be doing a follow-up video on it when completed? Cheers
  2. This is definitely going to make me return home to Wellington. A beautiful city and such an awesome airport to land at.
  3. Wellington and Christchurch as well! I might have to relocate back home to NZ for a few months, as they all look amazing.
  4. MS store for me. Tried it as a $1/month on game pass and bought it outright. Saved reinstalling! I also have a lot of steam games as well but honestly said, other than initial download issues which everyone seemed to have had it's run insanely well for me. Brendon
  5. I've never flight simmed before mfs2020 started as way to expensive in my opinion but am at 440 hours. Probably 250 of them flying from EHAM to Caribbean destinations. Just brought a Honeycomb throttle quadrant to go with my airbus joystick, but should have the matching Honeycomb yoke by the end of the year. I appear to be hooked (although just took a month of after the 19 hour Heathrow to Sydney non stop). Now trying to work out the dc6. Brendon
  6. @109SqnReally glad that you're okay as it sounds like it could have been a lot worse. All the best. Brendon
  7. Awesom @Nyxx really appreciate you doing it as I can't wait to fly her. Brendon
  8. You're a wealth of knowledge @Chock. I always find it fascinating to read what you have to say, as I always come across something new every time. Thanks for taking the time to go over things in such detail. Brendon
  9. @kelvinr Looks good mate, the discord link doesn't work, so I'd have asked there, but is there a specific load order if I also pick up Orbx's mesh pack? NB: are you using anything to enhance the ships as they seem way to big and bright for Wellington. For instance the ship in the top left corner of the shot of Evans Bay and the ones coming through the heads. Cheers Brendon
  10. Lol. Thanks @pmplayer for the heads up, this patch appears to have broken both the 787 and the CRJ for me then. I think I'll give the King air 350i a go this weekend as a nice change. Brendon
  11. After experiencing this as well I have to say it certainly makes for a fascinating experience, one I hope they fix really quickly as she's pretty awful now.
  12. The update is downloadable now at Aerosoft 🙂 Brendon
  13. @pmbI grabbed the round the world trip and am going to give it a whirl this weekend once my Honeycomb quadrant arrives (hopefully Thursday or Friday). I can definitely see what you mean about the pdf as it would be seriously useful but I guess they're worried that people would just send it to there mates and not buy it.
  14. Wow. She looks amazing on there videos! Hoping she'll be in my price range, and capabilities as I'm seriously considering her.
  15. @pmbthanks Michael for your insights . It sounds like no deal breakers then, and they're cheap enough to take a punt on especially as it's saying it would take over 89 hours to compete! (Am I the only one who looks at the price of an item and then divides it by the hours spent using it to work out it's real value). This works out at $16 aussie dollars for 89 hours min, so that's about 20 cents an hour. I was a little concerned about the length as well of some of the legs, but was thinking the shorter flights would be good for a quick flight after work. Who knows I may even learn something as well. Cheers Brendon
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