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  1. Oh I def won't right them off, I want them to succeed with the airports, especially as I also want their San Juan Puerto Rico airport to fly from Miami. Hence why it was disappointing to see the jetway issue. Great vid's by the way. I may have to do some flights out off Copenhagen looking at that airport. Cheers
  2. Thanks Filbert, sadly I got this last week and haven't had a chance to have a good look around it as yet so am a little disappointed to see such a sloppy release for such an important airport. A lot of the smaller details don't need to be perfect, but I sure hope that they fix the jetways as i agree it's a complete immersion killer. (I love the trains). Touchwood they right all the issues like Asobo is doing with the game, as I definitely won't buy from them again if they were to leave it this way. Sadly I now don't see it as a worthwhile purchase in it's current state especially when you see what other developers have been able to do. Nb: this is still an amazing airport to taxi around and take off at night in. It's like a sea of lights. Brendon
  3. I used Game Pass, played it, liked it, and brought the prem deluxe because of it. A well spent $1 in my case to take it out for a test drive to make sure I liked the sim. If I hadn't at best I would have got the standard version only. (I'm cheap and normally only get things on sale) Game pass was cancelled the day i brought it. I wouldn't have bothered at $10/month as I don't have a lot of need for other games it has but I'm really thankful they held off for the month to give me the opportunity. Happy flying
  4. I had a look earlier today but still no sign of it. I'm thinking that the initial teething issues may have pushed it into the 2nd patch. Touch wood.
  5. I used the gamepass to find out if I liked it then just brought the Microsoft version. I didn't have to download anything else as I already had it. I don't know if you get that advantage with Steam. Apparently prices within the marketplace are also cheaper if you have the microsoft version, though this could change. Also works for me without any issues at all. (no better or worse than Steam). Good luck. Brendon
  6. As I'm flyng a giant loop around the Caribbean I've seen some of the most amazing places with the reefs showing through the water (inc' from the promo footage) and some of the no so good spots (IE: the good the bad and the ugly). Bings not perfect by a long shot but other than a few glaring "what the" moments, I think it's def' good enough. I watched this this morning and it's a good take on it with both providers at various places. I especially liked the key west section he discusses. Shows both google and bing maps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ul5B_W91aI Cheers Brendon
  7. I'm loving the Da-62, (issues and all) and am currently 18 stops into an around the Caribbean trip with her. She's a great all rounder.
  8. I went from Game Pass to the premium edition by buying it outright through the Microsoft store. It can turn out to be dearer to buy it piecemeal so figured just buy it as a whole. Downloaded only the update once I loaded the game. I can definitely recommend doing it this way. Cheers
  9. My thrustmaster tca sidestick worked straight out of the box for me .
  10. Up until yesterday every plane I flew always pulled left, or had constant issues with trim. It didn't matter if I was taxiing or flying i constantly had to adjust for it. Then out of the blue everything flies straight and true but we had no update so what had changed. After checking all my settings (I fly med difficulty) I realised I had somehow turned off all the in game assists dealing with flight controls (inc rudder and trim assists) and what a difference it had made for me. Felt like a whole new experience. It flew straighter and true, trim was working, and I could actually take my hand from the tca stick. So if you are having similar control issues give it a go, it's taken my experience to a whole new level. Happy flying
  11. I've just decided to just buy it outright. I don't want the aggravation of finding out that I've made the wrong choice and having to chase up MS. Even if I got it at a discount from them the time and effort isn't worth the small discount I may have seen. Just have to decide which package 🙂
  12. Maybe I'm having too much fun actually flying the sim to really notice some of the issues others are experiencing, but all in all for me it's been a very successful launch. It sure ain't perfect but I'm over the moon that they're fixing the launcher as the number one priority, because if I ever need to do a clean install again I don't want to have to fight it again. Besides if it doesn't launch properly all of the fixes everyone is wanting are being built on an unstable platform which benefits no one. Who cares if one area isn't perfect I have a world to explore!
  13. In the tips and tricks subforum it shows an easy way to do it. About 3/4 of the pages down. How to move had. Good luck.
  14. I have to admit I've started to enjoy the challenge of finding them now. It adds a whole new dimension to the sim vs running out of asphalt airports all the time. Of course grass doesn't appear to soften up the landing any more but at least no animals have been harmed in my landings as yet 🙂 (Buildings -1, People 6, Animals - 0).
  15. This explains how to set it up. https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/tca-sidestick-airbus-edition-en/ Download the throttle pdf and it explains how to do it. Cheers
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