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  1. It's not mouse control that's affected that is ok, it is only the View X and Y thats mapped to my Gampad joystick analog thumb control but yes - diabling Headshake in the settings does fix it but of course lose headshake which is one thing I'll miss. As I said I'm certain it used to work OK but something has changed thats caused the issue in past year or so ..
  2. Hey Guys, I've had this problem for some time and it's the one thing preventing me from staying with XP11 rather than move over full-time to that other sim .. If I enable Headshake v1.12.11 then it kills the cockpit lookaround in every plane ie. have mapped View U/D and L/R to the X-Axis and Y-Axis of my Logitech F710 Gamepad which otherwise works perfectly including in the actual joystick config menu. I'm fairly certain it did not used to happen when I first installed Headshake so something has changed somewhere. I've googled and googled but cant find any mention of it - can't believe I would be the only one with this problem ?
  3. I just had this problem for the first time ever right after the v1.10.11.0 update today. Had to restart the sim - in fact I had to reboot the PC as the restart froze on the 'black with white border' pre-loading screen (symptom of same problem perhaps ?). After reboot and re-start all the weather came back as normal.
  4. Excuse the late reply I missed these latest few replies @nyfirefly11 - yes that's what I've been doing all along with AP on all the way ! But always Cat III Single but never Dual with both AP 1 & 2 lit up. @Car147 - did you actually get AP 1 & 2 and Cat III Dual ? If so take a screenshot next time. Or did you get the Cat III Single as per above. @Sigwolf - 100% spot on. Cat III Single flies you flat into the tarmac but if you retard when announced it still lands albeit a bit bouncy and bumpy ! True Cat III Dual Autoland ala. Zibo 737 in XP11 should land it flawlessly inc. flare etc.
  5. I don't think its a bug more of a feature yet to be added. Somebody on another forum has advised its not implemented yet. But I still swear I had it working once !!!
  6. Hey Guys, Has anyone been able to get Cat 3 Autoland working with A320 or A320nx ? I got it working once but never since - have tried to set everything up idential with Pilot and Co-Pilot (in the pic I forget to enable LS button but also since tried this). Been told it's support to work in the A320nx but still cannot figure it out. Any help appreciated !!!!
  7. Yes this is the strange thing with the traffic - prior to the downtime I never saw more than 1 or 2 aircraft near any major airport and no matter how busy the live traffic world map is. Then last night I fly from Incheon Korea (quiet) to Beijing over Dalian - once I got to Chinese airspace there were plenty of activity at both these airports. Beijing in particular on arrival was almost like a normal airport with live real aircraft (not simmers who were also there) circling and landing quite regulalry - much closer to watching Flightradar24. Will try again tonight see if I get the same levels of traffic at this or other airports.
  8. Looks like it’s back up - a full board of flights at all major airports now .. Still be good to know how many of the flights are actually used in the sim because the biggest airports are never anywhere near as busy as real life eg. flight radar 24 - yes I know where in pandemic but still should be more planes around.
  9. As the title suggests - tonight (28th Sept 2020 ~11am-1pm UTC) getting nothing in the Live Airport Activity for any major world airports nor any real world live traffic in the sim. Apparenty MSFS 2020 gets it data from Flightaware but the site has been up the whole time. Scenery download, live online player traffic and connection to MS servers are all OK - its only real world traffic that does not work at the moment. Anyone else had the same issue ?
  10. I am using the current version (28th Sept 2020) downloaded just before but then I found on my latest flight I had the same problem again - choosing an arrival runway with STAR in the FMC just prior to landing it turned the plane around and flew me back to the last waypoint (or wherever the flight plan had been as I started to re-program so it did a complete 360 before eventually putting me on the chose arrival. So I guess it is just a bug in the FMC as people have been saying.
  11. Actually I think I may have found a fix by using the awesome flybywiresim a32nx A320 mod. Since using this mod when I select an arrival with STAR it seems to re-route immediately to the closest waypoint in that STAR to join the arrival pattern. I did 2 or 3 test flights last night and it seemed to work. Could just be luck - the release notes for the a32nx make no mention of fixing anything in the MCDU - but eirhter way it's worth a try !! The a32nx is a great improvement over the base A320 regardless.
  12. Hey giuys hoping someone can help here I am one who likes to set the arrival and departure airport via Globe planner but leave the runway choices for both Dept/Arr up to the ATC ie. Direct. However I have a couple of problems with this. Normally by the time the ATC announces the arrival runway, I quickly re-program the FMC arrival (by going to FPLAN clicking on the arrival Airport then selection Arrival Runway and Transition then inserting into Flight Plan) however almost always it turns the aircraft around and flys me all the way back to previous waypoint before then commencing arrival. How can I work around this ? I've tried erasing the waypoint but it either wont erase or gets confused. The other problem I have found is that if you clear all the waypoints in the FMC by choosing the destination airport via Direct option in FMC - it then gives NO transitions or approach waypoints and just gives you a single waypoint to the airport ie. does not line you up with the runway. Anyone else have this problem ? I've looked at various FMC tutorials but none of them address these issues. I am using the a32nx modfied A320 not sure if that has something to do with the second issue of no Transitions available when erasing the flight plan and choosing Direct, however the first problem of flying you back to previous waypoint has been there since Day 1.. Appreciate any suggestions !!
  13. Let us not forget from where or whence we came .. Old versions gone but not forgotten .. xo
  14. Thanks yes I should have googled it better but I found something similar in this thread: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/374808/how-can-i-check-my-framerate-in-microsoft-flight-simulator "You can switch on FPS display in developer settings (Options -> General -> Developers -> enable Developer mode -> new menu bar appears -> Options -> Display FPS). However, its a rather huge overlay and probably not what you want." Haven't tried it yet as im on work break but does it look the same as what Ricardo posted above ?
  15. Do you have any photos of your problem ? Some people have reported that VFR map is hidden behind the main display. Do you get the VFR map icon on the toolbar like I just posted above ? It's the one that looks like pages of a book.
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