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  1. Bingo, exactly what I did and loving every minute of it. What a plane for $0 !!
  2. I just acquired Xplane 11 and loving every bit of it, yes it just works.
  3. By the sounds of it, disable 50% of things and the sim might work, wonderful.
  4. Never tried that, probably should. I'm an airliner kind of guy, always have. In GA I like the King Air a lot since we had one at work and travelled on it.
  5. I've been at it since FS2004 and up, all the P3Ds, XP, thousands and thousands invested, Goflight, PFC, Saitek etc.. In these simulators I have flown countless hours to every corner of the virtual planet in RT. Thanks, I'll be fine;)
  6. I and many others have spent a good sum of money, depending on our exchange, but even $120USD is still a fair sum of money. I'm realistic, with any game there will be bugs. This is not even beta, this in my opinion is a severely botch delivery, I am surely ruffling feathers but that's ok. I'm getting ready to install XP11 on the advice of a friend who tells me he has not seen anything close to what I have seen in FS2020. I may sacrifice something on the graphics, maybe not. Microsoft/Asobo will not get my time to troubleshoot their mess. I bought this to enjoy myself and not spend my time writing Zendesk tickets. I'm done here today, I'll take a peek in 12 months and see what the rants are all about then and decide.
  7. This thing is an absolute joke, never have I seen anything like this in gaming. I've been waiting for the update to repeat this flight from KDTW to KORD and compare to my past issues. Well, 12 miles out at 4000 ft stall stall stall, went down like a dart and nothing I could do. Really MS and Asobo? Really? There is zero threat to LM and Laminar for at least 2 years and maybe never, and by that time they will be on their next better version, mark my words. I'm not even bothering reporting this on Zendesk, their todo list must have 1000 items if not more. Buyer beware, do not buy this. Can't believe I spent $180 CDN on this.
  8. My take, I've been flying XP10 & P3Dv5 ever since, XP11 next paycheque. I have zero plans to buy FS2020 addons for at least 1 year. I use it for some GA here and there, keeping my eyes open to see what the updates will bring. A friend is RW pilot on a Dash 8 and he asked me my thoughts, when I told him his reaction was, I'll wait.
  9. Can this not be done with some kind of switch on the shortcut? Any Windows expert that can chime in?
  10. So after reading the Tom's hardware article I think we can conclude that we will be tinkering for a while. Many of us spent money on nice rigs and they tell us even a 2080Ti cannot achieve 60fps, sure glad I got the 2070 Super! LOL, Is this not what we did with FSX?
  11. LOL...the technical challenges of MSFS have nothing to do with a flight, I could do without.
  12. Let's wait a year and see before putting the big X on the competition, personally I re-installed XP10 and actually having fun, saving some buck and going XP11 next. I also have my Majestic Q400 and P3Dv5 going. I enjoy challenges, difficult and technical things way more than pretty clouds.
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