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  1. When people end up with a car like that, it gets inevitably traded on a different brand in the end. I do not accept mediocrity in anything, period . When a company messes up they deserve what's coming to them. Yes to each their own.
  2. Just crazy, I ended up missed approach at ORD, ATC tells me to climb FL240, really? Can't recall even FSX doing something this stupid.
  3. Totally the opposite for me, I turn on Xplane and I enjoy it for hours and hours and I'm not sitting there wondering what is the next thing that's going to ruin it today. Smooth sailing on my Ryzen 3900.
  4. Totally agree, I come here for the miracle. I have never done a flight without several issues unless I take a C172 and land it 5 miles away. The ATC is completely broken
  5. I knew someone like that with an expensive German car, a doctor, as a service manager when I would attempt to explain the high cost of the invoice for the repairs, he would say to me "keys please I must go". When you have money, you don't care.
  6. 2 months in and I have not looked at it in 6 weeks, busy elsewhere and that sums it up.
  7. Bingo, exactly what I did and loving every minute of it. What a plane for $0 !!
  8. I just acquired Xplane 11 and loving every bit of it, yes it just works.
  9. By the sounds of it, disable 50% of things and the sim might work, wonderful.
  10. Never tried that, probably should. I'm an airliner kind of guy, always have. In GA I like the King Air a lot since we had one at work and travelled on it.
  11. I've been at it since FS2004 and up, all the P3Ds, XP, thousands and thousands invested, Goflight, PFC, Saitek etc.. In these simulators I have flown countless hours to every corner of the virtual planet in RT. Thanks, I'll be fine;)
  12. I and many others have spent a good sum of money, depending on our exchange, but even $120USD is still a fair sum of money. I'm realistic, with any game there will be bugs. This is not even beta, this in my opinion is a severely botch delivery, I am surely ruffling feathers but that's ok. I'm getting ready to install XP11 on the advice of a friend who tells me he has not seen anything close to what I have seen in FS2020. I may sacrifice something on the graphics, maybe not. Microsoft/Asobo will not get my time to troubleshoot their mess. I bought this to enjoy myself and not spend my time writing Zendesk tickets. I'm done here today, I'll take a peek in 12 months and see what the rants are all about then and decide.
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