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  1. There are a lot of folks that want a level of realism, whether it be Control’s, switch boxes, picking up the Garmin boxes from a maker like RSG, or anything else. I notice that the built in ATC gets a lot of grief (it is kind of awful)…but considering what it is AND ISN’T it’s alright. I have no affiliation with VATSIM other than I’m a user over there. A year ago - I wondered if something like this existed. Day to day it’s great, but I wanted to highlight two events that took place over the weekend. Friday was an Atlantic coast event with staffed airports and centers from Miami through DC. It was fun grabbing a clearance, taking off, being handed on some some Center splits and coming in on an arrival. Due to traffic we had to maintain sequencing in flight. It was a lot of fun and a lot going on. Last night was single runway operations out of KPHL. Wow! Started with a PDC with delivery, tuning ground for push and start. Working with the Ramp for ramp alignment and spacing. Tower to get routed along taxiways and in order. Fuel actually mattered! It was an event where we alternate take offs and landings rather quickly and it kept you busy on the radios. TCAS had planes al over it. Why do I bring this up? Many people use charts, plan realistically on simbrief, use procedures and checklists and want a realistic environment. I wanted to point out that vatsim might be for you. I’m not a real pilot. I’ve been back in the saddle for a year now. In my option there’s nothing like it. Just my two cents!
  2. Carenado Mooney M20 WT CJ4 Fbw A320 / WT beech g58
  3. My only issue with steam is that 90% of the time after a CTD I must restart my computer. Steam launcher gets hung and I cannot always kill it in task manager. I don’t have a lot of CTDs but as increase add-ons and use VR they have increased.
  4. I appreciate the feedback. That video was definitely useful as well as the settings currently being used.
  5. Mods - if this should be moved, please remove/delete/move... I am running the Logitech Yoke. From any real world pilots...would you have some ball park settings for GA aircraft? I'm not looking for perfect, and I am not creating a separate profile for a 152, 172, Beech 36, and 58. I just have no idea if the plane should barrel roll with a few degrees of deflection, or hardly move. I don't want to kick off a firestorm that MSFS is terrible (I think it is fantastic). As a non real world pilot, I am just looking for some guidance. Same if anyone that flies biz jets or commercial, I'd take a little feedback on setting up a yoke for the larger planes as well. I appreciate any feedback in advance!
  6. I run an i7 with a 3090 at 4k. I could get you exactly, but I’m between high and ultra. My FPS is between 30-60. Realistically in upper 40s/low 50s. Part of me says this simulator really pushes the envelope so that’s great. The other part of me says that’s disappointing because my rig is nearly as good as you can built. Just my two cents.
  7. Awesome! VATSIM is a blast. I was doing a lot of flights in the Bonanza and Baron; then moved to the WT CJ4. I am going to give the experimental A320 FBW a go on VATSIM this week. I've also been using PACX for some background noise for additional immersion.
  8. I appreciate everyone’s comments. I had found the TOD calculator on the FBW FlyPad, and just use the old rule of thumb as well. Now I know I’m not crazy for thinking I couldn’t get VNAV to work. Both WT and FBW teams are insanely talented. I have a background in shipboard naval simulators, and the folks on those teams really know how to simulate systems.
  9. I’m new! I’ve been flying the CJ4 WT a lot and wanted to try my hand at an airliner. After hours of tutorials I’ve made a few short hops (KPIT>KBWI). First - does this plane do a VNAV type descent where it will drop to the next altitude on the flight plan? I’m in managed altitude but it keeps going to what altitude is manually set to. Second - can I change the speed / altitude on the flight plan? I can do it on the Pro Line of the CJ4 but cannot for the life of me figure how to do this on the A320. any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. I fly almost exclusively VATSIM and use both headset only, and soundbar for plane and headset for Comms only. Just depends on the day. As soon as I favor one, I like the other.
  11. Things seem good. One possible problem in CJ4 WT - I believe on approach the 15/35 speed targets for flaps was missing.
  12. I’ve got a bit of a remedial question here. I don’t see this plane as an option in SimBrief. What’s my best best solution?
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