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  1. Excellent, that ebay seller has the closest thing to what I'm after so far, I'm planning to mount to a PCB behind a 3d printed cover anyway so will work well for my project. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm starting a project and would like to use something similar to the pushbuttons found along the bottom of a garmin glass cockpit panel. Do any cockpit builders know of anywhere that sells similar style pushbuttons, or just the rubber push button pad for which I can put my own pushbutton behind? Also at fairly low cost, ideally supplied from within Europe. I want it to be look high quality so don't want to 3d print the buttons themselves although other parts will be 3d printed. Thanks
  3. Thanks all for your replies 🙂 will check my local airport magnetic heading is right, I hadn’t thought of it but as Matt says it’s probably not static anymore like it was in FSX 🙂 hopefully magnetic north will move or be updated every so often so it’s never out.
  4. Hey, I'm trying to practice VFR navigation using charts and the magnetic compass, but does anyone know what year the magnetic world is based on? Normally you will map out the flight on a chart, measure the headings in true north and convert to magnetic north using the year the chart is published and the annual magnetic variation. I'd assume the FS2020 world is as of 2020 but if its been in development for some years it could be a few years old. Has anyone figured this out or seen it written anywhere?
  5. It's been a while since I looked at this post but liked some of the replies! I bought the components for the trim wheel by flight sim maker (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4290141) but it looks like it uses SimVim software which I dont think works with FS2020, and the instructions for that wheel were pretty awful! I cant find a compatible trim wheel online and dont want to spend more than £50 really. I had another look for DIY options and saw one which suggested using ardunio to turn the movement of the encoder into key presses, but turns out the Arduino Mega doesnt support this only the leonardo 🙂 Then had another look and found another option which used some 3rd party board but I can no longer find or remember what it was called! Has anyone got a DIY trim wheel to work with FS2020 and any ideas on which one I should go for? I imagine I will need to buy another board regardless of which route I go for
  6. The sim may have a great weather engine but it's still not practical! I want to set a specific visibility to simulate flying VFR at VFR minimums which has been a bit of a pain to figure out! I sat on the runway, tuned ATIS, and figured out the weather settings for different visibilities. As far as settings go; Aerosol density does nothing to change visibility Scatter does nothing to change visibility The only way I have found to change visibility is to set a cloud layer which is from the ground up to whatever altitude and vary the coverage. Other factors in my tests don't appear to do anything. Here is the scatter percentages to set for certain visibilities; 1/2 Mile - 100% 3/4 Mile - 90% 1 Mile - 85% 2 Miles - 80% 3 Miles - 70% 4 Miles - 60% 5 Miles - 50% 6 Miles - 40%
  7. Maybe I’m going mad but I can’t figure out how to set the low level visibility in fs2020. In fsx you could set cloud layers and surface vis distance but I can’t see where to do this in the new one?
  8. I’d love to get or make a trim wheel that works with FS2020 as I find trimming quite difficult otherwise. Does anyone know any products or 3d printer projects that work with fs2020?
  9. I bought a Dell G5 desktop PC for this game, Intel Core i7-9700, and 1660-TI graphics card, so by no means highest spec but works perfectly with great FPS on my 1080p monitor, and very good with good FPS on my 4K tv. Not had any issues at all, was expecting it to be a lot worse
  10. I find FS2020 a lot more difficult to find IFR information than FSX but you can download real world UK charts for free from the link below which helps a lot. FS2020 even has a lot of the approach procedures built into the navigation so flying them is even easier. You can find a lot of free charts for other countries online if you do some digging, I did find the french equivalent some time ago but cant remember where I found it now. It's great to have the PDF open on an iPad or print the ones off that you need ais.org.uk (should get redirected to http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html) Select eAIPP Package If you want to download the entire file In the Description box on the homepage select AIP AMDT 09/2020 (Complete AIP in PDF) (Size 283.4 MB) This will download the entire document which is useful for saving on an iPad If you use this approach, you download the entire AIP which is very large and mostly irrelevant. You can use the bookmarks section in Adobe or Books on iPad to skip to the relevant section GEN is general information that is not useful ENR is en-route information which may be useful for flight planning AD is the main section with airport charts Within AD is each airport, within each airport are sections e.g. AD 2 EGPD 1 AD 2 EGPD 2 AD 2 EGPD 3 1 is always the text data to skip, 2 onwards is the charts If you want to see specific airport information On the navigation on the left under Part 3 expand AD2 Aerodromes Select your airport This will open the airport text information which isn't very useful, scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a table that says Charts Related to an aerodrome. Select each one and print if require Happy flying! Hope this is useful and makes IFR flight a little easier.
  11. I totally agree this is a sightseeing sim, one big issue for me in the past was PPL training primarily based on visual navigation, following coastlines, motorways identifying cities, landmarks etc which was impossible in other sims, but very accurate in FS2020. The IFR side is lacking a great deal at the minute but I can use old sims for that for the time being. It certainly is a VFR or sight seeing sim today which is fantastic, but hopefully will develop into a fully fledged sim in time.
  12. I love that 🙂 AI may excellent 99.99999% of the time but it does give some interesting errors!
  13. Unfortunately only one was slightly modelled 🙂 Not sure which of the two it was. The first one thats slightly more south is modelled the second one further north is just flat
  14. I don't get why Blackpool looks so bad, I flew from Liverpool to Blackpool, although Liverpool doesn't have any accurately modeled buildings it has the red lights in the correct places based on available data (the cranes in bootle despite there begin no cranes, the wind farm of towards wales) but blackpool doesn't have any lights mapped, even if there is no tower or pleasure beach I would hope that the red lights are sitting in mid air to at least identify the reference points at night but I couldnt see anything there. For the piers, it seems to be the same everywhere that they are just drawn underwater and hard to see, the satellite maps cut off right at the coastline and anything beyond isnt shown. Certainly better than FSX as the hangars are in the right place, you can see some more identifiable items like queensway on the approach to 28, the golf course and sand dunes near 10 etc but could be better with a little more tweaking
  15. I think I have to change my original post 🙂 Day 2 and I have to say my opinion of the game has completely changed, I think my initial issues were due to not actually understanding the aircraft. I just flew Manchester to Norwich, a trip I’ve done many times in real life, and the experience was fantastic. I flew the TBM, the nav and vertical speed hold worked perfectly, I could even load the exact approach from my real world charts in the MFD, the ILS frequency was in the TBM computer, and the graphics were insanely accurate, down to the busy road that runs parallel to final. I think there are some issues but in my opinion the rest makes up for it by far.
  16. I've always used a stick for flight sim, (currently a cheap Thrustmaster stick and throttle) but one of the things I find most difficult is trimming the aircraft. In a real aircraft trimming is 100x easier than in a sim as you pitch the aircraft, feel the pressure on the yoke, spin the trim wheel and instantly feel the pressure fall away until it's prefectly trimmed, in a couple of seconds. In a sim, I hold the pitch I want, press the trim button but have to guess where to stop. Does a yoke exist that replicates this pressure, or are they all on a fixed spring? Maybe I am being stupid and they all do this!
  17. Interesting comments, some people having fewer issues than me with the game. Does anyone know what the issue is with autopilot altitude? My planes literally plummet out the sky when autopilot is turned on. If I can fix that it would be a huge improvement!
  18. After a day of playing FS2020 I, along with what looks like others, still feel this is very much a beta game. As someone who has been playing flight sim for 20 years I dont really see how so many fundamental things have been missed. A few key items from me; Autopilot simply doesnt work in any aircraft ATC is poor IFR flight plans are not very good, the in game nav log doesnt show frequencies of VORs Cant figure out how to get the autopilot to follow a GPS or NAV route at all I see no way at all to get ILS frequencies in game. You can do a vor to vor route and see vor frequencies but how are you supposed to do an ILS approach? None of the map views I can see work, but ILS appraoches do work in game if you find the real world frequency. I dont seem to be able to press more than one key command at once, e.g. release parking brake is ctrl . but that doesnt work. Increase sim speed is r + but that also doesn't work Dont get me wrong, the sim is fantastic and a great VFR improvement, but at present IFR flights are impossible, hopefully something that will be fixed soon but I imagine there is a lot on their product backlog...
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