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  1. After SU6, runway steering was erratic or not at all. Also, CH throttle quadrant was erratic, sometimes going to full throttle after landing. I tried every setting I could find that was related; no joy. I shut down the computer and pulled all power cords, including powered usb hubs. When I restarted, MSFS worked perfectly; all controllers functioned normally. I've used this procedure before and it fixed other unrelated problems. I'm not sure if this will help anyone, but I thought I'd share. If you're at your wits end, this is one easy procedure to try. I'm still not sure why that works and why it has worked with other unrelated problems. Dave
  2. For me, that fix was to enable vsync and set frame rate to 60. I think my graphics card, RTX2080 Super, didn't like the unlimited frame rate. You could also try 30 fps. At least it's a quick test to try.
  3. Well, I fixed the CTD's by lowering some graphics settings, using vsync at 60 fps. Then my LT multipanel quit working; after 3 times uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, with multiple restarts, everything seems stable; no CTD's and no stuttering or long pauses. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  4. Well, after the new patch (Steam), I get CTD just after FLY is selected; first freezes, then CTD. Also have to close Steam using Task Manager after each CTD. Glad I'm not a heavy "user" of this software.
  5. I found it set to "No" in the cfg file of FSPUIC7.
  6. How do I turn off autosave? Just want to try it.
  7. In Control Panel/Power Options/Change Plan Settings/Change Advanced Power Settings. Scroll new window to USB setting/USB selective suspend setting - change to Disabled. But it did nothing to solve my freezes.
  8. I get these 1-2 minute freezes also. Community folder is empty. The USB power management thing is disabled. My hunch is a server problem, but my hunch is that I shouldn't trust my hunches. I've not had this problem before the update.
  9. Of course, that was it. I don't have many mods and forgot about the WT's. Feel really stupid. Thanks much, Dave
  10. My glasscockpit to sim is visible and functioning on my tablet. This happens on Cessna 172 and TBM. This and frequent freezes after commands. What am I missing? Dave
  11. Been there, because I also live in Fayetteville.
  12. I have Glass Cockpit to Sim on my tablet. All works fine except the VS and FLC buttons on the Cessna 172. They function on the tablet but MSFS doesn't respond to them I have to use the mouse for those. What am I missing? Cessna 172 is correctly chosen in GCTS. Thanks Dave
  13. How do you support (mount) the tablets? I'm in the process of setting mine up. I'd like to mount mine a little lower. Thanks Dave
  14. Thanks. I kept looking for Page properties in the wrong places. To use an expression I just discovered in this forum, it was a PEBCAK error.
  15. OK. Found it by clicking on Pages and the clicking on Default Page bar. Just getting the hang of the interface. Dave
  16. I just got Matric and like the look of it. I can't find any way to make it a landscape orientation. Anyone solved that yet? Dave
  17. Yes, thanks. I've watched that and it does work; just doesn't leave a marker or indicator.
  18. Forgive me. I'm a beginner. Still trying to find destinations. All replies to posts are important. I've learned to absorb all manner of posts, so feel free to post reactions, opinions.
  19. I've already found my house using coordinates as a destination. I'd like to add it to POI so I have a marker on it like other POI's. Is that possible? Thanks Dave
  20. I just ordered one. I'm wondering now if it will be compatible with MS Precision Pro joystick in Flight Simulator 2020. Wording on the CH site says it's only compatible with other CH products. But I've watched several Youtube videos that show people using it with other non-CH devices. I don't mind doing the binding myself. Thanks Dave
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