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  1. Nice. What do people do that do not have enough space on C? God, how I hate such things. For gods sake...
  2. Unfortunately MS Store doesn't let me download the game (for whatever reason). But as far as I know, Apps you install from the MS Store don't have exe-Files. They are more or less just apps that just work with the Store itself. But I may be wrong. But its the same with other Apps from MS Store, so I guess thats it.
  3. I attached two screens. I am not able to select another drive than C. https://imgur.com/a/vSPVGZ8
  4. No, not the installer. I am talking about the initial download in Microsoft Store. I just can select C but C has oly 32 GB which is not sufficient. D has plenty of space but I can't chose it.
  5. Is it possible, that I only can install this game on my C-Drive, because in the Microsoft Store it doesn't let me choose another one.
  6. Hi there. I just bought the new Flight Simulator directly from Microsoft but I am not able to install it on my Drive D. When it comes to choose the drive to install to, there is only my C-Drive available but there is not enough memory on it. My C-Drive is a SSD. My D-Drive is just a normal HDD. Could this be the problem? Thanks in advance. Frank
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