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  1. For folks with install issues, they are likely looking forward to this patch. For the rest of us who are wishing the weather worked and the flight models were tweaked or the auto pilot actually worked, not so much to look forward to yet. /Dave
  2. Not a lot of difference between a 2080ti and the 1080ti. I guess I expected there to be more. /Dave
  3. Found it! FlightSimulator.exe in the folder above. I swear I did a search on the whole drive for FlightSimulator.exe and it didn't find it! Thanks! /Dave
  4. I'm trying to configure a profile in Logitech G-Hub so that I can map keyboard commands to mouse buttons or macro keys on my gaming keyboard. Microsoft seems to have tried very hard to hid the name/location of the executable. Anyone have any tips on how to find the name of the main executable so that I can setup G-Hub to auto-detect when I'm running Flight Sim 2020? /Dave
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