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  1. I just downloaded MFS and played it for an hour or so. For people who are wondering, how it compares to X-Plane 11 - it really doesn't. MFS feels like a game. The only hyped thing about - the 2 PB graphics - they are surely better than X-Plane, but nothing amazing (I am talking not about special places like N.Y. or so, but actual random cities, which were not hand crafted). MFS doesnt have (or at least I wasnt able to find) "Cold startup", the controls with keyboard and mouse are possible, but only by using keyboard to steer (system doesnt seem to detect GlovePIE virtual joystick). Rudder also goes full left - center - full right. No inbetween like in X-Plane. Of course, if you have full joystick or even hotas you dont care about that, but I do. The camera controls are very dull, overally it feels just like a game. If you like X-Plane for its simulation capabilities and not graphical awesomeness - dont even look at MFS. The menu too looks like it belongs to a game, not a proper simulator. Personally I missed mostly the "Cold start" option and mouse steering.
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