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  1. I got a ryzen 7 3650H, Nvidia gtx 1650, 8gb ram. It picked medium settings for me. Runs fine ig with abt 25 fps average. Clouds are on ultra btw. Problem comes in big cities like NY and stuff where fps drops to 10. So small cities for me ig.
  2. Ohkay, so i think i figured out how to get it to resolve. It does smtimes automatically, but if it doesnt then open the vfr map, drag it around for a bit and then it should resolve itself. The vfr map seems to be a consistent fix. The rest options like atc, smtimes work and smtimes dont as far as i have noticed
  3. When im midflight in fs 2020, sometimes i lose the ability to click the buttons and turn dials. The cursor stays as an arrow and all i can do is turn the view around. Anybody else has this? How can i resolve? I have had to quit 2 of my 3 flights due to this.
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