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  1. Not for me but what did fix it is changing the resolution to 4k if you are able.
  2. After going through this thread I decided to give 4k a try (Ryzen 3600, 2070 Super, 16gb). I turned down the rendering to 80, moved everything to Medium (previously on High) except left the clouds at Ultra, and turned off Anisotropic and supersampling. Results were surprising as the sim runs consistently around 35-40fps at a small rural airport and 30-35fps at KLAX, both tests were with the TBM, live weather, with and with out cloud cover. The best thing that happened was it got rid of the pixelated clouds issue at distance.
  3. I would prefer a hotfix to temporarily just remove ALL thunder and lightning until this is resolved.
  4. Agreed. I was perfectly content without lightning and thunder before. Since they "fixed" it, I find it extremely annoying so Ive temporarily gone back to X-Plane until this is fixed...
  5. A week or so ago in Central TX, we had some weather around and MSFS had cloud tops over FL250 with some even higher that required flight path deviation in the TBM at FL300.
  6. Seems to do this when climbing in FLC mode. Any change of attitude that the AP tries to make, causes an increasing pitch oscillation. VS mode seems stable, at least in the last flight I made.
  7. It will eventually start to de-grade the aircraft performance.
  8. No issues here. Tried a couple of airports within the current hurricane in the south and got fairly strong gusty winds on the surface and heavy rain. Also tried a few airports in the Rocky Mountain region and got good surface winds along with winds aloft and associated bumps with that wind over the mountains. Did have a crab angle after liftoff so the winds were there. Also getting the correct ground speed vs TAS when aloft. Had LittleNavMap connected it showed the winds in MSFS as well.
  9. I jumped to about half a dozen airports and never lost the winds. Everything worked as it should have. Weird
  10. Loaded it up and the wind fix looks good so far! The minor stutters seem to have been cleared up as well.
  11. Its hard to say whats optimal. Above around 34deg F is too warm obviously and an extremely cold cloud probably wont give too much icing but its a hit and miss kinda thing. Assume 0-2deg C and below in the clouds or visible moisture, icing is possible. Its hard to say if its overdone or not since I dont know if they model the icing due to conditions or its just a static "if its below this temp and above this temp in a cloud, you get ice". If you hit the right conditions in real life, it can put a good 1/4" to 1/2" of mixed ice on in a very short amount of time. Those conditions are extremely dangerous even for aircraft approved for flight into known icing.
  12. RW pilot here. Yes, even small cumulus clouds can generate a quick coating of ice if the temp is just right. Popping in and out of them when they are small may put a small amount of ice on the airframe and windshield. The ice will (in real life) sublimate off the windshield after a few minutes in clear air or a decent to warmer air clears things up. If you are flying in a cloud long enough and you are icing up and losing performance in a non ice rated aircraft, you need to find the quickest and safest way out of the ice.
  13. Just did some testing around the Central and Southern Tx area with Hurricane Laura coming in. Started at an airport KDZB about 30-40miles west of Austin and got clear skies which were reported on SkyVector. I then moved to an airport reporting MVFR conditions (2000 broken 3500 overcast) KRWY and got results fairly close to what was reported. It was more like 2500 broken, 3500 broken and it gradually cleared to VFR over about 15min. I then moved to Caldwell Tx KRWV which was reporting IFR conditions (1500ft overcast 2miles and light rain). MSFS depicted this quite well with light rain, low visibility and overcast and it gradually cleared to MFR and is now VFR which is being reported in real life. Imo, the clouds, visibility and precipitation works pretty well. Obviously the winds are fubar'd and the barometer reading aren't quite accurate..
  14. First off, I am having a blast with this sim! Been sticking with the DA62 and the TBM and have found that they work quite well in sim performance, AP, and aircraft performance. Weather and scenery is fantastic! I have a few issues and was wondering if I was missing something or if they were issues that needed to be addressed. 1. Visibility setting. Is there a way to increase or decrease the visisbility? 2. Is there a full screen mode (no cockpit but with a hud similar to X-plane in full screen mode). The next few are issues that, imo, should be able to be fixed fairly easily I would think and just wondered if anyone else sees these small problems. 3. PAPI and VASI lights are WAY to dim and unusable. 4. Airport beacons look like a solid white and green blocks. Doesn't fit the realism of the scenery. 5. Runway lights are on all the time (bright daylight and the lights are on. Same with the airport beacon. The beacon should be on only during night or in IFR conditions) Im not adding the Live Weather wind bug that everyone knows is there. All in all, this is a great initial sim platform and I cant wait for the future of this sim!! 5
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