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  1. Agree! Its been a couple of days with the weather being a little messy but today everything was spot on again. Flight from kbjc to kdal was, once again, smooth, steady frames and great visuals. Landed at Dallas Love with no stutters which was never possible before the update.
  2. AMD 3600 16gb 2070 Super HDR on 3840 x 2160 Render scaling at 70 LOD 200 Clouds, buildings, trees and bushes - Ultra Texture Res High AF 16x SS 4x4 Shadow Maps 1536 Terrain shadows 512 Realtime Traffic On Ground aircraft 40% With so many negative posts, Id like to share one I just completed. Flight from KPAE to T82 using the WT CJ4 latest build. About a 4 hour flight. Vertical sync locked at 30fps and it never dipped. Completely smooth all the way to taxi in after landing. Using Live Weather, high altitude temps were as reported along with cloud coverage, winds and baro in weather.gov. I know that there are some folks having issues but this is an example that not everyone thinks this build is garbage. This was literally the smoothest flight I've had in this sim since it was purchased when released.
  3. Yeah. Just had a flawless flight from KAPA to KASE. Butter smooth. Nice job guys....now please fix the weather that you broke... Unreal weather for MSFS2020 is supposed to have an update for this new version hopefully by the end of today. That will at least allow for accurate weather at low altitude and around the airports.
  4. ...and get rid of the 300' control towers at most small town airports...
  5. Unlike previous versions, there is not a dedicated visibility option. Aerosol density sort of changes things but I dont know of a way to manually change the visibility. Using live weather I have gotten very low visibility due to the weather so they are able to pull it off somehow but just not manually.
  6. Bumping the Vert Sync up from 30 to 60fps or even off seems to have smoothed thing out but it was only a small test and not a full flight. For some reason the MainThread seems happier at this setting (solid yellow bars vs red and purple and the limitation now shows GPU now vs before where the limitation was the CPU).
  7. Yes. Before this, I add smooth 30fps through the entire flight. Now it shows my MainThread getting hammered throughout the flight and fps will bounce around from 30 down to 20 and all points in between. No add-ons. Flying offline doesnt help the situation where in the past it would have if you started seeing the Red Manipulator issue
  8. About 2hrs into a flight from KHOU to KJAC in the Longitude, I get the red manipulator, red mainthread and fps drop from a steady 30 to about 21. This continued for quite sometime with a very smooth 1000 or so foot Stratus overcast layer below me and about 2-3k agl. I turned off the Online Functionality and things went back to normal, Turned it back on and it went back to red manipulator and now a purple mainthread. Decided to push on through the 10-15fps decent and immediately once I hit that thin cloud layer, BAM!, completely back to normal. Not sure it was just a coincidence or if this thin Stratus layer caused the slow down. Forgot to mention that when the slowdown was occurring, going to clear skies did not help the issue.
  9. Downloaded this and it seems to work well but how do you un-pause it? It just sits there as if its in active pause and I cant un-do it. Thanks
  10. Not for me but what did fix it is changing the resolution to 4k if you are able.
  11. After going through this thread I decided to give 4k a try (Ryzen 3600, 2070 Super, 16gb). I turned down the rendering to 80, moved everything to Medium (previously on High) except left the clouds at Ultra, and turned off Anisotropic and supersampling. Results were surprising as the sim runs consistently around 35-40fps at a small rural airport and 30-35fps at KLAX, both tests were with the TBM, live weather, with and with out cloud cover. The best thing that happened was it got rid of the pixelated clouds issue at distance.
  12. I would prefer a hotfix to temporarily just remove ALL thunder and lightning until this is resolved.
  13. Agreed. I was perfectly content without lightning and thunder before. Since they "fixed" it, I find it extremely annoying so Ive temporarily gone back to X-Plane until this is fixed...
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