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  1. Sorry, I see this was already posted.
  2. Just letting you know as of Nov 14, 2022, Noonish EST, the website is not working. Really weird though because the title and menu shows up, but a message says the page is not found with a 404 error. Thought you might want to know.
  3. Yes, it works fine. I have the first gen Rift myself. 1) You have to set the Beta tab in your Rift software to get the latest upgrade. Once installed, that will solve the black screen issue on centering which I had myself. 2) There is also an issue with a black stencil showing up. Go to the Oculus Debug tool: Default folder should be C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics Open the Oculus Debug Tool Turn the option “Use FOV Stencil” to Off Fix those two items and you should be fine.
  4. The direct answer is yes. And feel free to stay on the internet while you are flying. No need to disconnect. If your sim is running, it will run in its current version until you exit. The next time you start, a required update will be detected and off it is then it will be installed. Every update has gone this way for me to this point. When I wanted the update, I quit and restarted.
  5. The most interesting thing to me is the change for the Garmin autopilot systems. Initially it was update 9 which was thought to be in December, but now it's Feb 21. Sounds good to me.
  6. If you want to view another desktop, (CTRL)(WINDOWS)(RIGHT ARROW) all at the same time. You will see a slide to the right to another desktop if you have one already created. If that doesn't work then you don't have another one so you'll have to create it. (CTRL)(WINDOWS)(D) will create a new desktop for you and put you in it. To get back to the sim (CTRL)(WINDOWS)(LEFT ARROW). (CTRL)(WINDOWS)(D) will create as many desktops as you want and you can move back and forth to them with the above arrow method, or as mentioned, you can also just hit the windows key, and mouse click to the window you want.
  7. OK. One more time. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message I had the issue LAST update. Read this and solved it.
  8. This is one of those "chicken or the egg" scenarios. If ASOBO is reading these threads, then you don't need to ask them to read them because they already are. If ASOBO is not reading these threads, then asking them to do it will not help because they aren't going to read your thread asking them. So file the Zendesk report and hope for the best. Actually, I filed one, and the issue is now resolved. And, it was not one of the major issues that I saw on any list anywhere. I only saw one other person complain about the issue in a post, and now it is resolved. Maybe the system does work.
  9. This error appears to be a Microsoft BUG, not a deliberate action to prevent anything. Happened to me on the previous update but resolved it on my own. Took a few minutes, but the update went fine afterwards. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016892819-Access-to-the-content-servers-is-currently-unavailable-error-message
  10. Did you ever resolve the issue? I had that same message last update and did a google search of that issue. Had to do some uninstalling and reinstalling of a few xbox/Microsoft stuff but it worked fine after that. If you haven't resolved it yet, do that google search using the exact words. It'll explain it. I don't think it will go away on it's own, but who knows.
  11. No, but you probably wouldn't have done a "handoff" to yourself on another frequency. More likely you would have said, "N123, switch to my frequency 118.55".
  12. So tell us a little bit about this Garmin database. The default MSFS database does what you say at KUMP, only shows the VOR approach. The Navigraph upgraded database shows all of the approaches as the others of shown. The same thing happened at my local airport of C65. No approaches at all with the default database, but navigraph database installed them. So what is this Garmin database you are referring to, and how did you install it in MSFS? Just curious.
  13. Is the money in arcade gamers or the simmers? Perhaps the answer to that question reveals their strategy.
  14. Very minor point, but the manifest shows this release as version 5.1 instead of 6.0. So when using the community folders tools that show the current versions of the mods, it appears off. Just saying.
  15. That would be fun. I landed the A5 on a local river and was just taking a short trip, but the problem right now is the vehicle cannot go under a bridge. Stops cold. And there are lots of bridges going over the rivers.
  16. That is correct. The default G1000 would show the time to the waypoint. When the Working Title mod came out, the ETE changed, and showed time to the destination. When this thread was started, the OP wanted to get time to the next fix. So I looked back to the original default code and found what changed, and that is what this change does. If you want time to destination, then simply don’t make the change.
  17. Thanks for the kind words....but.......... Just to clarify, I am not part of the Working Title team. THEY are outstanding. I'm just a guy who lives in a van down by the river, and found a way to solve one itty bitty problem that a few of us were hoping to fix.
  18. The answer is yes, it does. I ran two IFR approaches between the same two airports. Set the world database to automatic approach. The destination airport has no approaches at all in the default database. Terrible IFR weather. Flight 1, default database. Immediatly after departure, ATC immediatly turned me to the destination airport and told me to expect the visual approach. What else could it do, no approaches available. Second time I loaded the navigraph database. Two RNAV approaches now available. After departure it told me to climb to 6000. I only filed for 3000, but what thats a different issue. Shortly after that, it gave me a turn to a transition fix and told me to expect the RNAV 28. So yes, it does recognize the approaches in the database. Makes sense too, because navigraph is replacing the old one. I mean, where else could ATC look?
  19. No it does not. Just bought a month subscription and can confirm that missing approaches now show up in the database. But flying them, and the others, still keeps the vpath indicator pegged at the bottom until you descend through what seems to be the missed approach point altitide.
  20. To fix this back to the default, which is WAYPOINT ETE, change one line in the following file in the community folder for the Working Title G1000: html_ui/WorkingTitle/Pages/VCockpit/Instruments/NavSystems/AS1000/MFD/AS1000_MFD.js Change: var ete = SimVar.GetSimVarValue("GPS ETE", "seconds"); to: var ete = SimVar.GetSimVarValue("GPS WP ETE", "seconds");
  21. Thank You so much. From looking at the pictures you posted, suggestions. 1) Heading. Three characters always. So in your example Heading would read "012", Check your number after you have your three digit heading. If heading = "000" then show heading as "360". Both are the same in essence, but it's always referred to as "360". 2) Speed. No decimals. Round to the nearest whole digit. 3) Altitude. No decimals. Round to the nearest whole digit.
  22. Never even occurred to me that it could be a different country as far as the situation. So sorry about that. Now, as far as "that guy", I am sure that is universal.
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