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  1. This looks great. If they make the Vancouver/Victoria/Seattle areas I'll be buying them! Then Bay Area and Southern California coasts! I've love to see someone improving coastlines, shallow water features, etc. Way too many coasts look like pretty bad.
  2. Pretty sure no one is buying this for the data on the disks. Is there a description or review of the included book?
  3. I'll just say, the flight model mods being worked on are in a really cool state if you ask me. They may be irrelevant and/or incompatible with the update release expected on Tuesday, but for the moment they make the jet feel a lot better to me and of course much faster! Keep in mind Dean the F-15 Developer is aware of these mods and they will inform what he puts in the next update. File: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/uploads/short-url/6UWhRsjaUgGQMVR1Mu0L6pdn33R.pln Discussion: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/dc-designs-f-15/353626/351
  4. No worries! I might dabble in some mods at some point, but I'm pretty clueless about it at this point.
  5. ME??! I have nothing to do with the DC Designs F-15s other than being a customer. I posted a pretty detailed review in this thread several pages back that was a mix of criticism and praise. I have no skin in this game other than wanting to have an F-15 I enjoy flying in the sim. And I have to say with the flight model mods out, it's a lot of fun! Was doing mach 2.4 last night! I think the dev is going to incorporate some of those flight model mods and add some of their own on the Tuesday update. I was just pasting that information from their website. Go to the Facebook link in my post and you can ask there. The dev has responded to several of my private messages, so don't hesitate to contact him. I think it'd be cool to be able to fire the missiles, drop the bombs and fuel tanks. But I don't think that's going to happen soon and I think it's even less likely they would work for any multiplayer combat type stuff. But there's so much community stuff coming out these days almost anything is possible eventually.
  6. I know the initial release was far from universally loved on here, for some valid reasons, but I do hope the next update will help a lot. Looks like a real nice list of improvements and the future ones, especially the sounds are quite welcome too. Hopefully it's keep evolving for a while and convince more people it's worth the price. Should be out Tuesday the 2nd. https://www.facebook.com/DCDesignsAircraft/posts/2893307457656901 VERY BIG FRIDAY UPDATE! ( Read the whole post, don’t just look at the pictures! ) This past week has been the busiest, and the most successful, in the history of the company. It’s been hugely exciting to see the sheer scale of the take-up of the F-15 Eagles, and equally rewarding to hear from so many of you who are enjoying the aircraft, as well as seeing so many of them on-line flying in what seems at times like every country on the planet! Keeping up with the equally vast scale of communication has been challenging to say the least, and I hope that I haven’t missed any messages over the past week or so – I was not prepared for the sheer volume of communication to be honest, so it’s been tough to keep track of everything. With the first launch week out of the way, it’s upgrade time! With any new launch there are always a few bugs, and never more so than when launching on a brand-new platform. Feedback both here and from across the Internet highlighted issues in three main areas, listed here in order of importance: PERFORMANCE BUGS TEXTURES The performance is listed first because some users were seeing frame rates halve when in the cockpit. I’m delighted to say that I’ve solved that issue and the fix is included in the update. Bugs are next, and there are quite a few, although all of them small. The fix list is below and those of you who bought the Eagles from Just Flight should by now have received an e-mail about them. Finally, textures. This was something that I tried to put out as far and wide before launch as I could, that this was a port from FSX and Prepar3D and textures would be enhanced in upgrades. The Internet is a big place though and I was unprepared for the scale of the interest in the Eagles. The first update introduces the first texture upgrades for the virtual cockpit, with PBR textures gradually replacing the existing textures and new modelling being introduced. I'm also delighted to report that the Eagles will be getting a full professional custom sound set care of sound legends Sim Accoustics, which will be unveiled in February! The Eagles are proving hugely popular with their target market, and there are already many mods and new textures being released across the Internet for different colour schemes and altered flight model characteristics. I’m hugely enthusiastic for these sorts of mods, and many of them are being introduced into the main package in the next update, with the permission of the talented folks who have created them What I’ve learned from this first launch is that it’s very hard to bring these packages to MSFS when there are four aircraft in them – learning and upgrading a single aircraft is tough enough, as developers are discovering, but four at once is enough to give anyone a coronary. As a result, I’m altering my launch schedule to be more manageable. The breakthrough with Mach 2 flight in MSFS also removes one of the main barriers preventing Concorde from appearing, therefore the release schedule for 2021 will be changed to the following; DC Designs Stearman ( didn’t know about that one, did you ) DC Designs F-14D Tomcat DC Designs Concorde DC Designs P-47 Thunderbolt Thereafter I’ll attempt perhaps converting the FA-18 Super Hornets into MSFS. I’d just like to focus on single-aircraft packages for a little while as it will better allow me to work on building up the higher quality aircraft that MSFS is capable of rendering before circling back to the Super Hornets. I am also almost ready to unveil Blackbushe Airport, Hampshire, UK, for MSFS. I hope that this all makes sense! The F-15 Eagles Phase 1 update is to be released on Tuesday, as I need the extra two or three days to fix all the gauges in the Strike Eagles so the performance is sustained there too ( they have a lot of screens ). The F-15C is already at full performance now. That’s everything, hope you’re all enjoying the Eagles, Happy Friday! BUG FIXES PHASE 1 Gauge performance issue in virtual cockpit that was cutting frame rates in half: Fixed. Canopy Reflections in virtual cockpit too high: Reflective surface reduced Missing cameras in cockpit: New camera views added I and D models hidden in liveries: Models now all have separate folders Polygon shadowing on ailerons: Fixed Engine start issue on runway, gate, apron etc: Fixed Texture fall back issue: Fixed Canopy able to open in flight: Fixed Gear handle lever mouse-rect INOP: Fixed Aircraft restricted to Mach 1: Fixed, now Mach 2 + capable Lights "move" from positions: fixed LOD models appear at wrong times or too early: fixed Polygon shading on control column: fixed Landing gear lever INOP: Fixed TEXTURE UPGRADE PHASE 1 First of several FSX and P3D platform textures replaced, PBR added to surfaces along with weathering Resolution of texture maps increased UV maps re-done to support higher resolution without performance degredation. MODELING UPGRADE PHASE 1 Cockpit modeling enhanced, extra detail added to cockpit walls, canopy frame and canopy handle areas Polygon and Ngon shadowing issues fixed Rudder pedals re-modeled and textured KNOWN ISSUES TAA mode still tears all and any projected-gauge displays. This is a current limitation within MSFS, and at this time Asobo have not issued a fix. MFD Displays limited to what MSFS can reasonably reproduce, no FLIR or RADAR yet that were featured in Prepar3D but working on replacements. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUTURE UPGRADES PHASE 2 More cockpit modeling and texturing improvements, further bug fixes as required, implementation of extra features and animations Further performance optimisation wherever possible PHASE 3 Final sound package, full kinetic and stereo 3D WWise custom F-15 Eagle sound package from Sim Accoustics Any required further bug fixes and refinements.
  7. Ha! I did mean to type "mess", but I just meant "many", no reflection on the quality of these airports/airstrips. I don't expect many to be stunning, they are made almost entirely from existing MSFS assets, just fine tuned to be more accurate than the auto gen scenery. They look pretty great to have for someone interested in GA and bush flying around BC. Seems like there's more for BC than the rest of Canada?! https://flightsim.to/by-country/CA/
  8. Goes without saying (for me, can't speak for others) that I would never distribute anything I didn't have the rights to distribute. The P3D built in aircraft porting would simply be for my own use given I own that. For my own enjoyment, frustration and learning.
  9. The FlyTampa scenery does look great! But I few outa Nellis the other day and flew over Vegas the other day with just the standard stuff and it looked cool to me, I didn't get down too low, nor do I know Vegas well, only been there once, but it didn't look too bad to me?
  10. Tell me about it! Expensive to be a simmer in Canada. Silver lining? There's a huge mess of community made improvements to small airports, airstrips for BC. Now where is that FSim Studios CYVR that's supposed to be released any day now....
  11. I see the Goose was released under "Microsoft's Game Content Rules", but the link to that on the Microsoft site is defunct and all the searches give me defunct links? So I have no idea what's permitted or not? And while I do love flying boats. I really want a smaller to mid sized float plane. I live in Vancouver, I walk past the Harbour Air Beavers and Otters on my typical exercise walks on the sea wall. And I've watched them take of and land a bazillion times. Took a sighting flight in one of their Beavers. SO, I really want fly a Beaver around BC! And just explore the Pacific coast, do the flight to Seattle etc. The Icon A5, is cool, but just ain't my thing as nearly as much. I'd KILL to OWN an A5! That's gotta be a blast to go on excursions with, but in sim I don't love it. It's a simple, slow and kinda boring plane to fly. Milviz has made no updates on their work on a Beaver since first mentioning it. I have no doubt that will be amazing. Someday....
  12. I have that Goose and it's really cool for a free download. Giving that a more detailed model/textures actually might be a really fun project to learn on. I don't suppose I could try porting built in P3D aircraft? For personal use? Not distribution. I'd love to have the P3D F-16 in MSFS. Or do those have encrypted components? I've never poked around at the aircraft data in my P3D install, might prove enlightening, guess I should. Is there a faq on ports? Or just for P3D or MSFS aircraft file formats and filetypes? Converters to move the models into and back out of Blender or Maya? And are most of the free ones distributed with standard licenses like the GPL? Ultimately the goal of learning would be to contribute to distributable aircraft. Perhaps this should be a new thread for newbs interested in getting into modding or making add ons?
  13. Maybe when there's 4 or 8 supersonic front line fighters for MSFS available, I'll be a lot pickier. Competition improves the breed. And lowers prices. But when you are the only one around, supply and demand and all that. SO desperate for more top end add on aircraft that aren't boring as h--l airliners. Can I just get one good float plane???? The sims been out for 6 months!!! I guess I shouldn't complain if I can't make these add ons myself? I am a 3D graphics artist and I am tempted to try something basic just to know what the devs are dealing with! Anyone know a good place to maybe hook up with other free aircraft enthusiasts to join a project making one? I could get the modeling/texturing/materials part down ok before long. Pretty sure I could do a lot better than a lot of add ons, free or paid. At least if I put enough time into it. Maybe others can handle the coding and flight dynamics? I'm not a great coder or engineer. Sounds like I'd have to learn Blender. But that's getting more useful for professional artists these days. But 20+ years of using Maya has be hesitant to learn Blender.
  14. Ah yeah. What to say about this. I'll just start by saying I bought the P3D version and liked it alright. I bought that knowing there'd be a discounted price on the MSFS version and with all the variations included was and still am ok with the price. $55ish for both sims. I was desperate for a fast, high thrust aircraft in MSFS and the F-15 is probably my favorite air superiority fighters. And now I have one, if certainly imperfect. It is super fun to just blast around mountains and canyons in this thing. Blasting from take off to angels 50 is a thrill. I didn't expect study level or even DCS F-15C level. But I was hoping the MSFS would look closer to MSFS standards of geometry and texture resolution. Overall external views from the distances I use most it looks great. Not perfect, but it's a lot of fun to see a F-15 over MSFS scenery. But up close the external textures do fall apart and I really don't understand why you'd spend time making 2k maps when 4k maps would take just about the same effort. And the lines are not even anti-aliased?? Definitely expected better, but the dev has stated better maps are on the way soon. The geometry on the outside could be higher resolution, but it's ok and still looks fantastic pulled back a bit. The shaders/materials seem too simple for a sim that supports physically plausible materials. I'm a 3D computer graphics artist for film, so I may be picky there, but I think I've seen better on other MSFS aircraft. The cockpit geo is pretty poor. The cockpit textures are pretty awful on the canopy frames, but the instruments look considerably better. The avionics, even for a "just for fun" aircraft could use more work, but I expect they will improve. MFDs could be more accurate, have the basic modes the real C/E have. The details like accurate lights aren't super important, but there really shouldn't be that much trouble to have made those more accurate. The flight model seems unrealistic at times. Seems too fast too easy? I know it's a crazy high thrust aircraft, but still. I have not yet gotten it to spin. Stalls seems to just nose it down? Even crazy control inputs while stalled never seems to put it in any sustained spin. I suspect there's a way to spin it, but I haven't found it. I don't get the sense it's a very accurate flight model, but most of the time it doesn't bug me. Mach 2 should come in the next update? But that's more a hack it seems, not any kind of actual modeling of transonic, supersonic flight. Eh, I'm mostly ok with that. At least until Asobo makes a true supersonic flight model. The FPS drop in cockpit is really serious/annoying on my rig. I go from 45pfs outside to 20-25 in cockpit, that's pretty bad. I believe this is due to the fact that the developer is using a hack for that because Asobo provided no good features for that in the SDK? And not being able to use TSAA anti-aliasing without the HUD becoming unreadable at times is frustrating. The dev is working for a better solutions for the HUD, but who knows on when that'll improve, hopefully Asobo will help? Not having a good, documented way to have HUDS seems a bad limitation on the sim at this point? I guess we'll see how it improves. I just hope the developer(s) will spend considerable time in the DCS F-15 and really get familiar with that and work to make the modeling and textures that quality or better. That's just a matter of refinement, there's no mysteries to figure out there. And keep working on the flight model and avionics! Keep adding more detailed controls, features and accuracy in the cockpit and HUD. Make it fly more like the DCS F-15. Also, hopefully he'll take a close look at the IFE MB-339 as a good benchmark of quality, accuracy as well. Love that thing. I'm not a big fan of the F-35, the Eurofighter is perhaps interesting? I believe IFE is working on both of those. I do look forwards to seeing high performance fighters from IFE no matter which they are I guess. The $40 price is fine to me for this level of aircraft IF/ONCE the modeling and texturing are cleaned up considerably and the avionics a bit better and the HUD gets fixed to not slow down FPS badly and prevent using TSAA. At this point I am happy to have a "paid beta" of an F-15, but I really hope for nice improvements. Man, I REALLY want very high quality, very accurate or even study level F-15, F-16, F-18, T-38/F-5. Bonus points for F-14 and a F-104! Any of those done really, really well and I'd pay $100 each. Oh! And I think a great U-2/TR-1 could be a hell of a lot of fun. Accurate takeoffs and especially landings would be very challenging fun! That's my more than $0.02.
  15. Thanks? I think I've already watched the first video I believe. I suspect the free use period will end before I have time to play with the F-14 again. But I did manage to take some community made profiles as a starting point for several aircraft and then I just imported profiles from kinda similar-ish aircraft as the starting points of some other aircraft, so that's an easy way to move assignments from one aircraft to another. I really wish there was some kind of on screen hotkey you could pull up. Because setting all the bindings up is one thing. Remembering them when you need to is another entirely. There's the html export, which should be useful, but I'd still like a way to just see them quickly in sim. I guess I'll have to export htmls and put them on my laptop and keep that up off to the side while learning the controls. Or have I missed a way to do this?
  16. I'm just getting back into DCS after many years. Last few years I just have bought a new aircraft every few years when there's a sale. In hopes that will encourage me to get back into DCS. But that's part of the problem, I never want to spend the hours it's going to take to get good control profiles for all the aircraft! Last time I had good profiles it was just for the A-10 and on a old school Cougar HOTAS and CH Pro pedals. Now I have a T16000M with the throttle and pedals (flight pack, bought before prices and availability when NUTS. Thank god.). I own the A-10C, F-5, F-15, F-16, F-18, SU-33, P-51. I want to try out the F-14 this week. I can't recall anything about the controller profiles. Set up the common controls in one profile save it and load it for another aircraft? Then I'd just have to do a few custom assignments for each aircraft, not a from scratch set up over and over? Can I hand edit profiles in a text editor? How do I go about setting up similar, consistent controls for EIGHT aircraft without going insane?
  17. That's a great chart. I'm still left confused about the different glass/Garmin options on which planes. The X Cub has G3X, the 172 G1000 has G1000, the TBM930 has G3000. Is that it?? I'd kill for a G3X in the long EZ!
  18. Don't hesitate to buy this, it's a great upgrade over default Seattle. But yeah, maybe wait until Asobo updates with a fix or Drzewiecki updates to work around the issue. I'm not at all regretful I bought it, I like doing Vancouver, BC to Seattle flights and Seattle default wasn't as nice as Vancouver default. Now if the FSimStudios CYVR would just release (sometime in Jan) I'll have two gorgeous big cities with good seaplane infrastructure. But I fear Milviz is going to take a long time to get a De Havilland Beaver ready.
  19. Thanks for the feedback folks. I suspected a nice looking add on like this one would work well when it was released. So I did guess it might be update related.
  20. Maybe it's the new 1.12.13, or something else, but the Drzewiecki Design's Seattle Landmarks looks like hell until I'm right up near buildings and then they pop into looking quite nice. I'd hope once the high quality geo has loaded it would stay loaded, but if I fly past and turn right around the super low res geo is back until I get right back up very close. The giant cranes at the port areas look SO much better than the lousy stock photogrammetry, but they seem to mostly disappear, leaving only the tops as I get close? Seems like there's no medium LODs, just super low res and full res. And the logic that controls when each LOD is used seems quite poor? Just me? Or others bothered by this too? Has it always been like this? Or only with the new MSFS Sim Update 2 release?
  21. Without going and loading up each aircraft, is there a way to see what features each has? Like instruments, which have steam, which have glass and which glass? Maybe other features? Which have de-icing , which have variable pitch props, etc? Anyone made a list or spreadsheet?
  22. Alright, I think the pilots are now fixed. I switched to a default aircraft, quit msfs, restarted and then selected the Long EZ and I only get the built in pilots now. All is well. And it seems to stick. I've left it set to the Long EZ, quit restarted, flew with the Long EZ and there's still no extra or misplaced pilots. I tried that fix on 1.02 and it would work, but you'd have to select a default aircraft before quitting every time. The clear canopy is better than before, but seems maybe unrealistically non reflective? I'm glad there aren't overpowering reflections, but I'm not sure I see any from in cockpit? And seems less reflective outside too. I'll have to look closer next time I'm flying. The flight model is quite different, as expected since the new canard model was put in the sim, but not sure I expected this different! Seems more realistic for a small nimble aircraft, but pitch control is a lot more challenging now, easy to get oscillations if you aren't careful. Elevator trim is much less sensitive and thus more usable now, nice. It's a lot busier to fly than before. But it seemed too easy and stable for a small plane before. I have no idea how realistic it is, I've never been in, much less piloted any Rutan EZ variant or derivative. I'll see if I can get my pilot friend with some experience in the type to update and give it a try so I can hear his opinions.
  23. OK, so now I have LongEZ 1.1.1 and the pilot problem is STILL THERE and MUCH WORSE. The dev said he removed the MSFS people and replaced them with people that are unique to the LongEZ to get around the pilot placement issues entire, because that seemed to be an Asobo bug he had no control over. WELL, now I get the pilot, co pilot that come with the LongEZ AND The MSFS versions AND they stick WAY out, much father than before AND the old fix I used to get them to pop back in the aircraft moves them, but only closer, not into the aircraft. So now I have NO way to have them not outside the aircraft, so external views are just inherently messed up now. I'd be laughing at how ridiculous this is except it's pretty darn irritating. To wait weeks for a fix and then it just makes things much worse.
  24. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it is common. The dev reported being unable to reproduce it himself, but acknowledged many people were reporting it. But!!! I just checked and there's an update to the long EZ in the Content Manager and I'm downloading it now. NICE.
  25. Are there palm trees? More than a few here and there? Southern California and the small Pacific islands I have gone to have large areas with mostly palm trees, especially beaches and costal areas, but in MSFS those areas have few to no palm trees other than horrible photogrammetry from palm tress that look nothing like palm trees, but are very distracting and unrealistic. And there's tons of huge green deciduous trees all over LA/Southern California that are NOT common in reality.
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