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  1. Not trying to get too hyped in case it comes back but you are an absolute legend. Been trying to fix this stuttering since launch, tried everything and now this has worked so far God bless
  2. idk even know what simconnect is so pretty sure it's not the culprit 😞
  3. Already tried 😞 , It's so weird because even at the absoluute lowest settings I'll have 60+fps buut still this consistent pause every 2 seconds or so . Bout to give up seems I've tried everything, hopefully a patch helps
  4. ok boys , installing on an ssd didn't fix it unfortunately , I notice it gets a lot worse when I look out the window at the scenery, but when I turn off online setttings/ rolling cache it is still there 😞
  5. I said medium-high and 30 fps is fine for flight sim so I'm happy :) If you're not here to actually help with issue then please stop replying cheers bossman
  6. gonna try that tonight prob if I can make space, will report back boys
  7. It's not , minimum is a 570, 480 is a lot better than it. Recommended is a 970 , of which the 480 is comparable too. Acting like I'm trying to run this at 4k bossman. 1080 medium - high and it's smooth fps wise , indicating the gpu is just fine.
  8. It's not, it happens when literally every setting is low/off. And people with worse cards don't have it.
  9. Vsync is off, windows defender is off but still stuttering , frames are 30-40 but it just stops every couple seconds.
  10. I don't notice any improvement when the focus is on my other monitor nor is anything running in the background unfortunately
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