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  1. Hello Guys, So i am having a really nice and informative time with the bush trip activities that are included, especially when reading the navlogs where they introduce us to all new landmarks and cities while enjoying the amazing scenery. Then i thought, hmm , we are a flight sim community with members from all across the globe and wondered, what if we can share some routes together and make our own navlogs and introduce our regions and show each other our countries' most interesting regions, sights and landmarks. Maybe then Microsoft can make an integrated platform to post community routes for all of us to enjoy. I would love to discover different countries and get to know them better. What do you think?
  2. This is becoming stutter fix simulator rather than flight simulator. try and have patience and it will get fixed very soon hopefully when the patch on the 27th roll out. The simulator isnt going anywhere. Hakuna matata.
  3. on the contrary i dont find him annoying at all. he only says informative stuff and walks you through procedures and his sequence of thoughts. His videos are amazing.
  4. There remains alot of room for improvement and additions ofcourse, for me, i would like to see 1) Replay mode 2) Metric units 3) Saving custom landmarks (areas) of your choosing. 4) Addition of radio towers / power lines etc. 5) Water masking and texture, (Does not look like anything from the trailers). 6) Fix autopilots 7) improve performance
  5. I am only facing stuttering in the bush flight missions. If i set a VFR flight plan of my own using world map, i do not experience any stutters.
  6. Make sure you are setting the altimeter in the main instruments and not only back up altitude indicator. This is the only thing i can think of. What aircraft are you flying?
  7. I personally use Op descent / climb. Just set your target altitude and pull on the knob. The aircraft will calculate its VS while keeping current airspeed.
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